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I have my house leased. I want to sell it .. How to do keep my renters in place while I sell ?


I find that there is no better motivator than a rent credit upon the sale of the home.  $$$ is the great equalizer.  When I am trying to convince a renter to do something I want (aka clean a unit for showing or allow access) Nothing makes it happen better than the possibility that they may get something from doing it. Dont give anything up front, the possibility is enough.

Best Farmers market?


Ballard is good.  Fremont is better.  Dont miss the old guy playing piano... he's fantastic

How do I obtain a copy of an aerial photo of a portion of the City of Seattle as shown on your site?


Go to (this is seattle, show some respect), type "snipping tool" into the search bar.  download it.  (some OSs have preloaded this tool, fist type it into your start menu search bar to see if you already have it).This tool will allow you to grab a shot of anything on your screen at any time... anything.If you are on a mapping site, just find the right map, highlight and take the new image you have just captured and use it where ever you need it!!