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- Unlikely to recommend
07/30/2013 - user6680928
Showed home in 2013 in Edina, MN 55436.
Rob was very prompt in responding to me and my email and likes. He also wanted to make a quick sale and didn't seem like he wanted to take the time I needed to find the perfect first house. Everything seemed rushed. I found myself backing out of sales because I was rushed to "go and sign the contract" right after I looked at a place. I had to let him go and deal with someone who was looking for my interest not their pocketbook.
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Response from Rob on 08/06/2013
Carlie was a buyer with Champagne taste on a beer budget. We looked at many properties and she chose the best that were available to her at the time. Getting a contract completed got her a seat at the table in a market wrought with heavy competition. She backed out of every deal we wrote an offer for including one I ended up buying myself. I had to part ways with her knowing that she would not likely find the "perfect" house for what she was willing to spend.


- Highly likely to recommend
12/06/2012 - user306925
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $250K in Fulton, Minneapolis, MN.
I met Rob while conducting my business and we struck up a conversation of real estate. I told him about my roommate who was dealing with her home in Minneapolis and stressing about having to come up with money for her ever increasing property taxes. My roommate is disabled and was not able to live in her home anymore. Rob came out and met with her and together they came up with a solution to auction her home. The entire process lasted 2 months only because of my inability to be in town to help facilitate the sale. The home was auctioned off within 3 days. Rob handled the transition very smoothly and the closing was able to happen within 2 weeks of our final garage sale. My roommate is now able to rest easy that she no longer has to figure out how to pay her taxes, or the mortgage on a very fixed income.
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- Highly likely to recommend
12/04/2012 - user3301171
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $175K in Battle Creek, Saint Paul, MN.
Rob facilitated a CD sale connecting the buyer and myself (buyer & seller). Everything went smoothly on a very short timeframe closing. Rob was very responsive to the issues and kept the process moving.
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- Highly likely to recommend
12/04/2012 - Pat Judge
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $175K in Battle Creek, Saint Paul, MN.
Rob is a great agent, has great local knowledge and one of the best things I can say is he is absolutely tenacious. He is one of the best I have met in working with Contract for Deed properties, on both sides of the transaction. He is great to work with and has great communication skills. He will be a great advocate for any transaction.
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- Highly likely to recommend
11/16/2012 - LauraHalfpenny
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $125K in Waterville, MN.
Our particular sale had some negotiating issues with the owners that needed to be finished before closing. But Rob was amazing and on top of everything! He made sure everything got done properly and was with us every step of the way to closing. We are extremely happy with our home purchase. We highly recommend Rob Mansell as a realtor who pays attention to details and will not lead anyone astray but is honest, assertive and knows his business. thank you Rob!
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- Highly likely to recommend
10/24/2012 - user5450309
Bought a Single Family home in 2010 in Hastings, MN.
Rob came down to Hastings to help me find a home. He had about 10 different homes in mind that were in my price range. Once we found a house, he was very efficent and fast to getting back to me with everything that needed to be done. Rob is always a phone call away from answering any questions that anyone might have.
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- Highly likely to recommend
10/24/2012 - Team NRG
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $150K in Greater Eastside, Saint Paul, MN.
As a finance person it is often difficult to find a great agent to send non-traditional clients to. Rob has helped mutual clients find contract for deed purchases, great investments and apartments. I cannot think of a better agent in the Minneapolis and St Paul, MN Metro area to work with traditional or non-traditional real estate buyers!
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