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Underwriter time and how long?


It was the only condition asked for, from us, anyway. Don't see how they could have missed anything as they had it over a week the first time around.

Underwriter time and how long?

Got approval from underwriting with condtion to submit lox.  All paperwork sent back to underwriter and now we are just waiting.  Any idea how long?  Also can one be denied after being approved?  Lox was just a simple request so we're not worried about that.

Popcorn ceilings?

I have popcorn ceilings in my home.  How bad does this affect the value for resale?

How long under Contigency Contract?

I'm interested in a home but it is under contigency contract and has been for quite awhile.  Is this the norm?  Is the agent allowed to tell me what the contingency is?