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Welcome to the Kronovet Realty Company About Page.
When it comes to making the best choice for your real estate sales or managment needs it pays to work with the people you know you can on.
2010 Realtor of the year Robert Kronovet is such a person..

About Robert Kronovet: <p align="center"><font>Welcome to the Kronovet Realty Company <font><font><strong>About&nbsp;Page.<br/></strong>When it comes to making the best choice for your real estate sales or managment&nbsp;needs it pays to work with the people you&nbsp;know you can on.<br/></font>2010 Realtor of the year Robert Kronovet is such&nbsp;a person..</font></font></p>

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I was impressed by Mr Kronovet's management of my rental units and dealings with my tenants. He has a dry quick wit which helps smooth over the many difficult situations that arise in this business. His knowledge, experience, and organization are buttoned up beyond belief. Saving owner's money in his mind is not automatic though. I really needed to stay on top of him for this. But if you stay on top of him, he always makes it right. That's why this is not a negative, just a caution. I would use him again and highly recommend his services.More Less

Robert was able to skillfully negotiate the sale of my commercial office building in Santa Monica, the transaction closed without a hitch. Robert then searched the marketplace looking for a home to place the poceeds from the sale. After a 90 day intensive search we found an out of state investment that met our rigid new business criteria. We visited the property, found a local real estate attorney & promptly closed the transaction. I can't say enough about Robert's thoroughly professional approach. I belive the results speak for themselves.More Less

We have handled our rental properties for 60 years but turned the management over to Robert a year or so ago. His knowledge of property management, the city, the political realiaties and care for the city have made this the correct decision. He is fair to both tenants and owner. My only wish is that we had done it 30 years ago!

Thank you Robert for being here.
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Mr. Knonovet has managed three properties for me for the last 2 years. I have been very happy with all aspects of his service as our property manager and realtor on these properties. We had several vacancies in one multi-family unit we own, and he quickly found tenants at good rents. He stated he did not like vacancies, and so far, his performance has shown this is true.

I have not had much experience with him in the area of negotiations, but I believe it would be very satisfactory.

He is a high energy individual and has been a pleasure to deal with overall.
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I trust Robert in all respects of managing my condos. He always acts most efficiently, expediently, and with great respect to both me and the tenants. Because he is on the rent-control board he has expert knowledge about every aspect of Santa Monica property management. Couldn't live without him!

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