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    Manager/Realtor (22 years experience)

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    12/07/2011 - lighthouse51
    Sold a home in 2011.

    Robin has helped me buy two homes and sell my current home. Even in this difficult market she was able to find a buyer in just 2 months. She helped set the parameters for our purchase of our new home so we could locate the neighborhoods that fit our needs and to quickly narrow down our criteria to locate the perfect house the day it came on the market. I have and will continue to recomend Robin to all my friends and anyone else interested in buy or selling a home.

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    12/07/2011 - Deb Anderson
    Sold a home in 2010.

    I cannot say enough about Robin Tilburg! When the economy collapsed and my husbands shop closed down, I thought my world was coming to an end. Robin stepped in as our real estate agent and also a caring, loving friend. She walked us through our processes and kept my sanity together through personally difficult times.

    She is very thorough, timely and honest. Her word and her handshake is golden! Not too many people like her are left in this world. She is very educated in her field and will go to the ends of the earth to satisfy you.

    If you want to buy or are looking to sell, PLEASE give Robin Tilburg a call! Seriously. Debbie Anderson

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