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I'm a full time graduate student considering buying a this even possible?


Hi Gradkel, I purchased my first home while in a similar situation. I bought a 3 bedroom with a nice enclosed family room with a fireplace.  I took that as my bedroom and lived like a king in the largest room in the house and rented the other 3 bedrooms and pretty much lived for free in the house. Prices and interest rates are at an all time low and there are all kinds of first time home buyer down payment assistance programs.  You'd be surprised at what people can qualify for.  I'd suggest, don't buy a car or anything else with payments until you buy a home first.  You can always keep the home as an investment when you have to move on to bigger and brighter career prospects. Feel free to contact me if you ever have Real Estate needs in California. :) Roland Corral, Southern California

Should i make a low offer on a home that hasn't been on the market long or wait?


Good question, should you wait on making an offer or make an offer now even though it may be low? Well, It really depends on the expertise of your Realtor...and you should have one if you don't. A good Realtor can guide you, A great Realtor will get the scoop and specifics on the property.  Find out what the status is and then tell you details that will help make that decision much clearer for you.  Good luck! :) Roland Corral, Southern California

I've yet to experience a Realtor who justifies their fee, how do you find one that will really WORK?


Hello Mr. M,If you are looking for a good Realtor, make sure you spell out what you expect of them.  It's a shame you have had bad experiences with them in the past.  Lumping them all together as bad agents is not appropriate however. As far as the fees being justified, how do you justify any fee? Doctors fees, Dentists, etc.  I could take your appendix out, the only difference between a docter and myself is that if I do it, you won't survive.  You are paying for knowledge and expertise but it's up to you to find a good doctor and specialist...the same goes with a Realtor. As an example, because I'm a certified appraiser, I helped a client buy a house by bidding a homepath home (foreclosed) at 350k but I knew it was only worth around 305k.  I submitted the offer for my clients but advised them we would submit the offer "subject to" an appraisal, even though an appraisal is not required on Homepath foreclosures. Sure enough, the appraisal came in at 305k and I saved my clients 45k and purchased the model with a pool and covered patio unlike the model match we had been looking at which was actually priced higher. I've helped first time homebuyers get over 80k in free down payment government assistance, single moms, distressed homeowners losing their homes. How does a Realtor justify their fees you ask? You tell me. God Bless and happy house hunting. :) Roland Corral, Southern California

Do I need a Buyer's Agent to buy a house?


Hi Homedreamer1,Absolutely you should get a buyers agent to buy a house.  There was a study made that showed the benefits were many.  Make sure you shop around and interview the Realtors but think of it this way, would you ever go to court to sue someone and ask them if you could use their attorney to sue them? Of course no one would, you want to have an agent that is going to look out for your best interest.  The listing agent isn't going to offer that their clients pay for your closing costs etc. buy the way, fyi, the correct term for "buyers agent" is actually "selling agent" who represents the buyer.  The agent that represents the seller is the "listing agent".  Wierd, I know. :-) Roland Corral, Southern California

I"m looking to buy my first home. Is it uncool to contact more than one realtor?


Hi BlueDog, Feel free to contact as many Real Estate agents as you need until you are satisfied.  In fact, it's recommended, however, be honest with your agents.  When you settle on one agent you want to work with, you should try to be loyal and stay with that agent.  They are going to spend their resources on you, leaving their wife and kids in the middle of dinner to show you properties, miss a kids game ... etc.  Don't stop working with that agent unless the agent is clearly not helping you.  In that case, you should change agents again.  But shop around first! :) If you haven't purchased a home in the last 3 years, chances are you qualify for a first time home buyer down payment assistance program.  I've actually helped people get over 80k in free money but you have to know what you're doing.  Make sure the agent is familiar with all the programs in your area and with the different lenders that are APPROVED in the area to offer those programs. Congradulations and happy house hunting! :)