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11/05/2012 - user0995779
Listed, but didn't sell my Condo home in 2012 in Chatsworth, Chatsworth, CA.

I am a two time customer of Multi Real-Estate Services, and Ron Henderson. Both transactions involved the same property, and both times I was completely confident that I had chosen the best possible real estate agent available to me.

In December 2005, at the height of the housing market bubble, Ron helped me purchase a condo I was renting at the time. Our plan was to stay there for 3 more years, and then sell that property and purchase a single-family home.

Unfortunately, things didn't work out for us exactly as we'd hoped. After the housing bubble burst, and the subsequent economic downturn, we made some poor decisions (against Ron's advice...) and eventually found ourselves upside-down on the property.

Ron had advised us to sell in early 2009, when we were still right-side-up on the property, but we didn't feel that we'd be able to clear enough profit to put a deposit on a new property, and didn't want to move house and rent while we saved up. In hindsight, that absolutely would have been the right move...should have taken Ron's advice!

Ron Henderson tried to help us short-sell our condo in Chatsworth, CA. He was a great resource of information on the local market conditions and did a ton of research to help me ascertain what listing price we could sell at that would attract real buyers.

Ron hosted an open house showing shortly after listing the property, and when it was over we received no less than 3 qualified offers. Ron had priced the property perfectly, as we were now able to ask these 3 potential buyers to bid against each other so we could fetch the best price possible.

After accepting the best offer, we began the short-sale process. Unfortunately, the short-sale did not go through, due to the 2nd mortgage holder (HELOC) not wanting to budge at all, but that was certainly no fault of Ron's. He really did everything he possibly could to help us sell our property. Above and beyond, in fact.

Even now, as we've begun the foreclosure process, I am pleased that Ron Henderson still takes my calls and questions and offers sound advice and guidance.

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10/26/2012 - user2328773
Sold a home in 2012.

Ron was there for us when we went looking for a home many years ago and he and his staff did not stop until we found the right place. And even more importantly he was totally instrumental in the successful short sale of our home earlier this year. He was almost always available when we had questions, or he called back promptly and he usually knew the answer right away! he talked us through the process and gave helpful advice. He knows the business and has great skills. Highly recommended with no reservations!.

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