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    Don't you just LOVE Zillow?

    Have you seen the Zillow TV commercials?  I receive numerous Buyers from Zillow.  I appreciate their information and especially appreciate Zillow for being prompt to make corrections where necessary.

    Can someone please tell me why most of my listings have disappeared from Zillow? Here is the list:


    Hello Jeannie:  I received a Quick response from Zillow and they have corrected my situation by reposting half of my missing Listings so far.  I have been informed that the remainder will be up and running very soon.  It was explained to me that since I have various websites that syndicate and synchronize that due to various duplicate postings of my Listings that sometimes they can be removed.  I was told to try to enhance and post to my website first.  I am very impressed on how Zillow is taking action to correct my situation.  I really appreciate it.  I hope you too will experience the same as well.  If not, let me kow and I will share the direct email contact that I have been working with.  Happy Selling!!!

    Can someone please tell me why most of my listings have disappeared from Zillow? Here is the list:


    04/14/2011 Hello:  Me too! I am experiencing the same problem.  Suddenly the majority of my Listings have disappeared from Zillow.  I have spent hours and hours inputting photos and information on all of these 40+ Listings and now only 9 appear on Zillow.  I have emailed Zillow asking for HELP, hopefully they will assist.  However, after reading reviews it sounds like it is very possible that I may just be ignored and may not get any response from Zillow.  I really hope that Zillow contacts me and corrects this situation.

    Why have my Listings been Removed?

    I have spent countless hours inputting my Listings and information and photos and now suddenly the majority of my Listings have been removed.  Why did this happen?  Please HELP!  Thank you - Rose Peasley  707-954-5024  of RE/MAX Coastal Redwoods- 1072 9th Street- Crescent City, CA 95531.