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California's bidding war, Demand for housing in San Fernando Valley gains momentum


I think I agree about the prospects for a recovery there with such high unemployement in South  Arniland. What needs to happen is 30 yr fixed at 3% or lessWhy not? we are getting way under 1% for most liquid funds at banks.I remember "sucker holes" in the weather while skiing Tahoe..ya get out ther and up a hill and  WHAM it really comes down.Not to scare you just think holding them 10 years or more in our markets in ca.. 13 yrs is the least I have held a property here in past 40.The value on one  went  went from 150 (what we paid) a REAL fixer-to 120 or so..then up to almost 500k and now is back to about 300kWe always loved roller coasters right? and drama...well...we got it

What's the craziest thing you've ever done to sell a home?


climbed up on a ladder and scraped off all peeling paint from gutters cause it was FHA last second request and buyer was about to give up after all her CRAZY dealings with a pre-forclosure in 1993house was vacant and roof also leaked onto oak flooring during LONG escrowsold for 118know worth about 475