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- Will never recommend
10/23/2010 - Jbeghin
Gave me a quote on Zillow, but it did not work out. Northwest Raleigh, Raleigh, NC 27607
I contacted this lender to pre-qualify for a loan. never got back to me to to initiate business. I just received a standard acknowledgment and then radio silence since. Not a good way to do business.
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- Will never recommend
11/09/2010 - aznlawyer
Gave me a quote on Zillow, but it did not work out. Martha Lake, North Creek, WA 98012
Horrible people to deal with. DID NOT honor the rate they quoted on Zillow once we started working together. Sent me an email afterwards with a different fee from what was given via Zillow. Bait and switch. Told me later that the rates changed after 3 days and thats why the fees are so high. I highly doubt that a rate change caused your fees to increase by 800 dollars. Very shady and very disappointed. Spoke with their "supervisor" and he was just giving me the run around. What a WASTE OF MY TIME.
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Response from RoundPoint Mortgage on 11/09/2010
Roundpoint Mortgage Company is one of the highest-rated mortgage providers within the Zillow Mortgage Market Place. We have accomplished this standing by our quotes and maintaining a clear focus on what our customers and prospective customers are looking for. In the few instances in which we have received unfavorable ratings, we have always attempted to address and resolve the concerns that the customers have expressed. It is our goal to satisfy our customer concerns in a way that is ethical, graceful, and fair. In this particular case, the prospective applicant requested a Roundpoint Mortgage quote the evening of Oct. 14th. He was called the following morning, but was unavailable to discuss the quote till the afternoon of the 15th. During the period of time in which we were waiting to speak to the customer, there was a movement in mortgage rates. When we communicated the new pricing to the customer, he expressed the fact that he felt that it was unrealistic that normal market movement could have resulted in an increase in costs of $800 over the initial quote. While we agree that an increase of this size over the course of a couple of days is uncommon, it is certainly not unrealistic. Roundpoint Mortgage is careful to advise customers in our Lender Notes (that are a part of every one of our quotes) that quotes are, â??subject to change prior to completion of application and your loan being locked due to market rate fluctuations.â?� Nevertheless, this prospective customer decided that we were not working with him in good faith and decided to post a negative review of our firm. We have reached out to this borrower by both telephone and email repeatedly in an attempt to address his concerns and clarify any misunderstandings, but to this point we have not heard back from this Zillow customer. While we do not believe this review represents an accurate depiction of what actually took place, we are not completely without fault in this instance. In the final conversation with the customer prior to his posting this negative review, our Production Manager should have worked more diligently to educate the consumer on the events that had taken place. It is our belief that had we addressed his concerns differently on that call, he would not have been as likely to post such a punitive review of our company.


- Will never recommend
01/12/2011 - Karl09
Gave me a quote on Zillow, but it did not work out. Crest, Hoover, AL 35226
Quick contact, listened to my scenario and said he would call back after talking to his supervisor. Never called again.
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- Will never recommend
01/31/2011 - Summer Girl
Gave me a quote on Zillow, but it did not work out. Downtown, Jersey City, NJ 07310
I requested a Good Faith Estimate and steps on how to proceed. NO Response via email as requested. I don't understand how this company can have all of these excellent reviews (which is why I selected them) and they didn't respond to my request. Very disappointed.
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Response from RoundPoint Mortgage on 01/31/2011
In investigating this complaint, we dropped the ball and owe this customer an apology. One of our loan officers reached out to this prospective customer at the number provided within 3 minutes of the request. However, the number provided was for a business that indicated that they had no employees or guests by the name of our prospective customer. However, the request indicated that they wanted a response via email only; and we missed it. Unable to reach the prospective customer, the request was incorrectly identified as bogus. We have made the appropriate changes within our workflow and now believe that we have remedied this issue going forward. In respect to this transaction, we failed to deliver on our goal of providing all prospective customers with timely accurate quotes. We have emailed this individual with an apology and an offer to reengage should they be interested.


- Will never recommend
03/25/2011 - claybenoit
Closed refinance loan. Smyrna, GA 30082
I would not recommend Roundpoint due to lack of communication, poor attention to detail and a lack of confidence I know have with them. The only thing that went well was the loan origination process. It went very smoothly. The loan officer was very patient and worked with me to find the best re-finance product to meet my needs. However, that is where the good experience ended. When I first received my documents electronically, there were multiple clerical errors including the misspelling of my name. After promptly completing the documents and returning the supporting documentation, underwriting was delayed an entire week due to miscommunication between origination and underwriting within Roundpoint. The loan remained in underwriting for 30+ days and I constantly had to ask for updates. The underwriter and "loan technician" didn't return my phone calls and forced me to contact the loan officer. I finally was scheduled to close and upon receiving my settlement statement, the noted term was incorrect. The loan did not fund when promised and just when it was about to fund, they found an error in the calculation of the PMI which required me to resign documents. Please save yourself the stress. I have had plenty of positive experiences with other lenders in the past. I would not recommend Roundpoint.
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Response from RoundPoint Mortgage on 03/29/2011
Our goal is to deliver an exceptional customer experience 100% of the time. However, in this instance, this customerâ??s feedback of his experience is accurate. Instead of listing a series of excuses (no matter how valid) we have elected to own up to our mistakes and admit that this transaction was not representative of whom we really are. We are very proud of the experience that the majority of our customers receive, but this loan shows us that we still have room to improve and improve we will.


- Will never recommend
04/24/2011 - MichaelSteenbergen
Gave me a quote on Zillow, but it did not work out. Pleasant Hill, TX 77406
Got one phone call to discuss. He was supposed to call me back the next morning and never did. I went with someone who followed through.
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Response from RoundPoint Mortgage on 05/04/2011
We absolutely dropped the ball in responding to the borrower in a timely manner. The loan officer assigned had a personal issue come up that kept him away from work for two days and we did not appropriately cover and back-fill ensuring that the borrower received follow up as promised. Subsequent to this rating we have reached out to the borrower and are working with them to see if we can solve their unique situation and provide them with a suitable financing solution.


- Will never recommend
04/29/2011 - Cbelmont10
Gave me a quote on Zillow, but it did not work out. South Riding, Sterling, VA 20152
Michael Laffenever get back after I submitted my Inquiry Sheet as he requested. I emailed him to follow up, he did not reply. THis is the worse agent I've ever have! I do not know about other agents at ROundPoint Mortgage who worked like him? I definitely will not recommend this lender to anyone!
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Response from RoundPoint Mortgage on 05/06/2011
The consumer is correct in that the agent did not call him back the next day as a personal matter kept him away from the office. Subsequently, we have had multiple contacts with the prospective client and made great efforts to atone for this lapse in execution including offering him better-than market rates. We are hopeful that he takes us up on our offer and that we can have a satisfied customer at the end of the process.


- Will never recommend
07/12/2011 - winowino
Gave me a quote on Zillow, but it did not work out. Oakville, Napa, CA 94558
The loan officer promised a low rate / low fees, delivered a formal estimate with those fees, but then once I had paid for appraisal costs, proceeded to pull a switcheroo as soon as we were getting ready to close, whereby he offered a higher rate with higher fees, unapologetically saying that the appraisal value was lower than they expected even though they had promised that if there was at least 20% equity that I would qualify for the loan (which I did). Then when I became upset that they were changing the deal on me, the officer proceeded to berate me via email, because I didn't know what I was talking about and rates had moved higher so now I wouldn't be able to get a better deal anyway. I would caution all users not to use Roundpoint as my experience with them has been unsatisfactory and they definitely do not have a positive customer service attitude... more like, my way or the highway attitude. Poor experience all around. My credit score and wallet are worse having known them.
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Response from RoundPoint Mortgage on 07/12/2011
We are sorry that the customer was displeased with the outcome of the transaction but take exception to the assertion that anything was in any way underhanded. The crux of the issue was that the borrower's property appraised for less than was stated as the value which created a reduced set of options as a result. I have reviewed some of the emails with the borrower and in them they request a call to discuss options. Again, we are sorry we were unable to satisfy the expectations or our customers but our options become quite limited when the property we hope to lend against are valued lower than originally believed.


- Will never recommend
07/21/2011 - drahee
Gave me a quote on Zillow, but it did not work out. Oak Glen, Yucaipa, CA 92399
Today is day 45 of my 45 day lock. I HAVE NOT HEARD FROM ROUNDPOINT IN OVER A WEEK.In the meantime I also just got approval from the underwriter from a local company, TODAY! Roundpoint is horrible, full of excuses, and no accountability. Worst of all I already paid for their appraisal. I could kick myself. DON'T USE ROUNDPOINT!!!
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- Will never recommend
07/22/2011 - lefkas99
Applied for a loan, but it didn't work out. Hawkins Glen, IL 60175
I am now in day 65 after I initially called and got a 45 day lock for a refinance loan. They seem completely disinterested in getting it done, there is terrible communication, and I've been asked multiple times for the same documents. I am beginning to think it's time to start looking elsewhere.

I am surprised this company got so many good reviews because the only impression I have gotten from them is a collection of a bunch of incompetent people who have no interest in getting things done in a timely fashion. It's a shame that I wasted 2 months dealing with them when I could have found someone competent to refinance my loan.
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