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Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Relocation

- Highly likely to recommend
08/07/2012 - user555308
Bought a Townhouse home in 2012 for approximately $300K in Brookline, MA.
This was my first time purchasing property and Ana was both incredibly knowledgable about the entire process and a great person to have on my side. She was timely in answering all of my questions (including the many stupid ones) and I often got responses well past normal business hours, which was appreciated.

I wholeheartedly recommend Ana for anyone looking for a great real estate broker.
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- Highly likely to recommend
07/30/2012 - user7951086
Bought a home in 2012.
Ana is a very dedicated real estate agent. She was determined to help us find the exact home that we wanted. She always had answers to all of our questions and if she didn't have the answers she would get them and then tell us as soon as possible. She always responded to phone calls and would inform you of exactly what was going on with the house you were looking at. To Ana it wasn't just a job. It was obvious that it was important to her to help us find our dream house. She was very patient through the entire process.

We really enjoyed working with her and we highly recommend her to everyone.
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- Highly likely to recommend
07/28/2012 - user0156402
Bought a Condo home in 2012 for approximately $300K in Somerville, MA.
Ana was extremely helpful and extremely easy to work with throughout the whole process. Being a first time buyer and being very busy just starting my job, I had to trust Ana throughout the whole process. Luckily Ana was extremely easy to work with and very knowledgable. On top of that she was always willing to help out, showing off possible locations to my mother and friends without ever complaining. Throughout the whole process it always felt like Ana had my best interest at heart, even when i went to the wrong location on the day of closing, she was completely calm and worked everything out.

On top of this, everyone that she recommended was equally easy to work with. This made the whole process quick and easy after the offer. I would highly recommend her to others.
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- Highly likely to recommend
05/07/2012 - user6699964
Sold a Condo home in 2012 for approximately $275K in Peabody, Cambridge, MA.
Ana was my listing agent recently in the sale of my condo in Cambridge, MA. Having met with other agents, Ana far surpassed any of them in knowledge of the neighborhood, in explaining and preparing the listing of my apartment, and most importantly in negotiating and working through the process of the actual sale (the apartment was listed for only 1 day before I had an offer at asking price, thanks to her marketing!).

My condo was rented out to a tenant, and during the sales process I was also in the process of moving out of state (and across the country). I needed an agent that I could fully rely on and trust, knowing that I couldn't be available in person in most situations. I had no hesitations in working with Ana. In addition, once I moved, which was after the offer was accepted but before the inspection and closing, Ana was great at keeping in touch, multiple times a day if necessary, and was respectful of my time zone, working later in the evening as needed.

I would recommend Ana without any hesitation at all. She spent time with me before we put the apartment on the market, honing in on the perfect price for me to sell in the time frame that I had wanted, and provided so much information on the neighborhood and on recent sales. Once we had the offer, she was prepared every step of the way, making the sale of my condo much less stressful than ever anticipated!. Overall, I was lucky to have worked with such a knowledgeable and committed agent!
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- Highly likely to recommend
11/07/2011 - lmorris33
Bought a home in 2011.
My wife and I met Ana about a year before making an official offer on a condo. As first time homebuyers, Ana had several suggestions and recommendations for the both of us, including which community classes to take and websites to use as well as taking the time to get to know us personally to help guide our search. Throughout the past year, we have been searching on and off for the right first home and Ana was always available to meet with us and show us properties, in addition to providing us with detailed information about the property that we otherwise wouldn’t have known. We finally found the perfect condo, from Ana’s suggestion, and made an offer. Throughout the entire process, Ana’s knowledge and expertise in property sales made my wife and I feel very comfortable and more than satisfied with the whole process. Ana not only answered all our questions but took the time to make sure we understood both the home ownership aspects and the legal aspects of buying a condo. Ana is not only very professional and honest but also very personable – she even took the time out to show our parents and close friend the property we were purchasing.
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- Highly likely to recommend
09/08/2011 - nixoda
Sold a Single Family home in 2010 in West Roxbury, Boston, MA.
In 2010 I was faced with the prospect of selling the now vacant family home. I spent most of the summer rehabilitating the inside and outside. The house was essentially brand new despite having been built in 1930. Confident in the quality of my work and materials, I was equally confident that I did not need a real estate agent. Boy was I wrong. Several years ago my perceptions might have been correct but in this down market, the acumen and expertise of the professional is needed.

After interviewing several agents, I chose Ana. She was the most knowledgeable about the specific positive and negative aspects of the neighborhood and the most confident in her ability to sell the property for the best price in the shortest time. She made specific suggestions to improve the presentation of the property and brought in a professional real estate photographer to convey all of its sparkles to those searching via their computers. She utilized every marketing tool available and generated more interest in 2 weeks than I had in 3 months.

Within a short span of a time an offer was presented. From that point on another set of her skills came into play - people handling and negotiations. The prospective buyers were not represented by a broker and were first time buyers. Their inexperience at times did make the process more complicated and sometimes quite stressful for me. But Ana cheerfully and efficiently guided the process always making sure that I was comfortable and the buyers were knowledgeable about what was going on and why. As with all good stories, this one ended happily for all concerned, a young couple had a new home to raise their family, I had the financial freedom to relocate to warmer climes and Ana cheerfully looked forward to her next challenge.

Ana is a true real estate professional. She freely admits that she loves what she does and it shows through her tireless attention to the specific requirements of each step in the process. Complementing this boundless energy and enthusiasm is a working knowledge of all aspects of the industry that lets her handle each situation with the consummate calm of a true master. Unlike most professionals I deal with, I honestly trust Ana; her knowledge and concern for her clients is a rare and true gem in this increasingly impersonal world. I will and do highly recommend her services to anyone selling or buying real estate in the greater Boston area. If you're reading this looking for a real estate professional, stop looking and just call her, you will not be disappointed.
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- Highly likely to recommend
09/04/2011 - Athanassiou1980
Bought a home in 2011.
Four months ago, my wife and I began our real estate search for an investment property in Cambridge and Brookline. After interviewing many realtors, we selected Anastasia based on her impressive knowledge of the markets and her analytical approach. During our time working together, Anastasia demonstrated such exceptional professionalism, competence, and client skills that we feel compelled to call them to any prospective buyers' attention

One of Anastasia’s most striking traits is her consummate professionalism. She remained focused and level-headed despite many tense negotiations and challenging situations. For example, with our condo in Brookline, the listing agent mistakenly communicated that her client had accepted a lower amount than our final offer. After realizing this, the listing agent furiously lashed out at Anastasia to deflect blame from her error. Nevertheless, Anastasia remained calm and level-headed, recognizing that her objective was to help us with the negotiation. She then brought the issue to the attention of her manager and had him reach out to the listing agent’s manager to diffuse the conflict. In the end, Anastasia kept the deal on-track and persuade the listing agent to forgo $1500 of her commission to compensate us for the difference in offers.

Second, Anastasia displayed a high degree of competence and intelligence in her real estate transactions. My wife and I were looking for a 2 bedroom investment condo that we could live in for a few years and then rent out. Anastasia focused her time and efforts on identifying properties for us that were in strong rental markets, had the potential to be rented out as a 3rd bedroom, and had high, long-term rates of appreciation. She helped me build a financial model to value properties and worked with us to develop a very savvy negotiation strategy. For example, Anastasia leveraged our ability to close quickly (e.g., within weeks), our high down-payment as first-time homebuyers, and our focus on investment property to save us $23K off of the listing price (5%) in one of the most desirable locations of Brookline.

Finally, Anastasia balances robust business acumen with an equally strong ability to work with her clients, a rare combination in my experience. Because I travel during the week and work long hours, Anastasia tailored her schedule so that we could touch base on weekends and late at night. She worked tirelessly to update my wife and me on properties, correspond with listing agents, and answer the multitude of questions that we asked. Most tellingly, Anastasia continued this high level of engagement even after 4-5 unsuccessful offers and 1 cancelled Purchase & Sale. The fact that Anastasia was committed to us until the end speaks volumes about her client skills and integrity.

In conclusion, Anastasia’s professionalism, competence, and client skills make her an exceptional realtor. She negotiated for us the best deal possible thanks to her analytical approach, deep knowledge of the markets, and business savvy. It’s no surprise that she was a candidate for Realtor of the Year, or that we will reach out to her when the time comes to sell our current property. It is in the strongest possible terms, therefore, that we recommend Anastasia for real estate opportunities that a homebuyer may be pursuing
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- Highly likely to recommend
09/04/2011 - escheible
Bought a home in 2010.
Ana is the kind of real estate agent that everyone should have. Not only is she experienced and professional, but she works really hard to make sure that her clients find the property they want and that they are happy. She was able to negotiate the property I purchased down by almost $20K and helped me find a home inspector, a mortgage broker, and a closing attorney who were all reliable and affordable. In fact, I still stay in touch with two of them and have consulted them even after the purchase of my property. She is a fountain of information and is willing to help you with anything. Most importantly, she loves her job and she's fantastic at it. Call her!
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- Highly likely to recommend
09/01/2011 - JKS617
Bought a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $375K in Medford, MA.
Anastasia Prapas made the process of buying our first home seamless and easy. She is knowledgeable not only about showing homes, but also about the entire home-buying process, which was wonderful for us as first-time buyers. Anastasia walked us through the whole process step-by-step, and she knew exactly what we were looking for right after our first conversation. She was proactive about finding us houses to see, and was a great resource for all our questions about the different areas, values of homes, etc. Since we knew we wanted to buy a house quickly, Anastasia's responsiveness was imperative - she was in constant communication with us, and moved as quickly as we wanted to go. When we made an offer, she was in touch with us every step of the way, advising and negotiating. She helped us buy a fabulous house at a great price, and was all-around wonderful to work with. I would highly recommend her!
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08/31/2011 - sfan
Sold a home in 2010.
Dear Ana,

Thank you for such a great job you've done! We cannot thank you enough.

We have been thinking about selling out condo in Boston for two years. Our first attempt was in 2009, and we were working with another agent, but had no success. We took it off the market and tried to sell it ourselves in Summer 2010, but you saw the post and came to visit us. We were very touched by your comment to our condo and your enthusiasm to your job, so we decided to work with you to sell our condo. You helped us decorate our house, took high quality professional pictures, and heavily advertised the property. On top of all, you have a great personality to work with. Within a month, we received our first offer!

From that point forward, you worked with us every step of the way until closing. Although we had a strong buyer who had a good credit and a high down payment, the process of the deal was not smooth at all. There were some concerns at the home inspection, and you helped us to find a trustable plumber to check on the problem in a very short time. Luckily, he cleared the concerns. Then you had to work with a not-so-responsible buyer's agent, and you ended up working on the weekends to get the P&S properly signed. From there on, we were just waiting to hear from the buyer about closing, but you were so proactive, constantly checking on the loan application status.

As the closing date approaching, we were notified that the buyer couldn't close, because he didn't get his load approved. The reason was due to the insurance policy of our condo building. It was extremely stressful for us, because we've moved out our condo to get ready for the closing. You were working so hard with the Condo Management company, the buyer's attorney, the bank attorney, and the title company to work things out. At the same time, you calmed us down and tried to find other solutions for us.

On Christmas Eve, the buyer was asking for an extension on the closing date, and our attorney was no where to be found. You worked with us the whole day until 8 pm we signed the extension. We had a very stressful day, but you were like an angel to us.

Miraculously, the deal turned out to be a cash deal in the next three days, and we were able to close within a week. At the last moment, it was the 6(d) that gave us the grief, but you again helped us to get it in no time!

Throughout the whole process, you never made us feel being left alone. You are so knowledgeable in all the guidelines and regulations in the real estate business. This really helps especially the banks have become really stricted recently. You always think for what is the best solution for us; it's really nice to know that someone is always on our side. You always let us know what was going on and clam us down during bad situations. Thank you for holding our hands every step of the way. In addition, you are very persistent and patient to get information from places to work things out. You work so hard for this deal; you are the glue that holds everything together. If it weren't because of you, I don't think this deal would have been successful.

It was such a pleasant experience to work with you. I miss your phone calls and warm greetings. :-) Thank you very much!!!

S Fan
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