- Highly likely to recommend
03/23/2012 - nktdjt
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $75K in Frederick, MD.
You might not find a direr situation than my own. Before I met Samer Kuraishi of A-K Real Estate, I had negative equity in an Investment Property, a LOT of land, 5633 Bartonsville Rd Frederick, MD 21704 that had a fair market value of at least $210,000 LESS than my Loan Amount. In other words I: - was Facing Foreclosure - was Facing a Deficiency Judgment of $210,000+ upon Short Sale or Foreclosure. - owned Property difficult to sell, a LOT of land. - had a Lender that was uncooperative and wouldn't accept reasonable offers Samer Kuraishi’s knowledge, ability, and hard work ethic has significantly contributed to my family’s long-term financial stability. Samer was successfully able to: (1) Complete a Short Sale of my investment property and (2) Help me avoid a DEFICIENCY JUDGMENT by NEGOTIATING with my lender on my behalf. I was relieved of over $210,000 of debt owed to my lender and avoided a “foreclosure” on my credit. At closing I was reviewing the closing docs and to my amazement, the lender signed an agreement to not pursue a deficiency judgment. Unbelievable this was pulled off! This means now I can qualify for college tuition loans for my children, keep my security clearance, qualify to buy a home next year (opposed to waiting 7 yrs if I foreclosed), and most importantly, be DEBT FREE. I contacted Samer Kuraishi less than 6 months ago to assist with the short sale of my Investment Property, which was a Lot (Land). In 2010 and 2011, I worked with 3 other mainstream realtors, each with 20+ years of experience and a specialization in short sales. They were unsuccessful in attempts to attract any offers. Within 1 month of working with Samer I had an offer, and now, just 3 months later, the bane of my existence, my Investment Property, was sold and I avoided a Deficiency Judgment. WHAT A RELIEF! There are a lot of great real estate agents and realtors out there but very few have the special ability to NEGOTIATE. The buyer of my property was a cash investor in bank owned short sale properties whom had known Samer for a long time, one of many that I assume is a result of A-K Real Estate’s reputation for premium service. I will leave you with a few takeaways from my experience with A-K... - Less than 24 hr Response, Simple Transparent Process, Quick Short Sale - Avoided Foreclosure, Avoided $200k Deficiency Judgment, Saved my Credit THANK YOU Samer Kuraishi and A-K Real Estate! GOODBYE to 5633 Bartonsville Rd Frederick, MD 21704
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Response from Samer Kuraishi on 06/11/2014
It was a pleasure working with you through short sale process! Appreciate your patience as we call the short sale the long sale :)


- Highly likely to recommend
10/02/2012 - user7587815
Bought a Cooperative home in 2012 in Bethesda, MD.
Just awesome! Enthusiastic, friendly, expert, go-getter, responsive, passionate, and a clear vision – the first few words that come to my mind as I’m writing my review for Sam. For a first time home buyer and someone that worries about things even when there is nothing to worry about, my mind was always at ease working with Sam. Any questions I had were answered in a matter of minutes. Honestly, in the two years working with Sam to find the perfect place for me I never waited any longer than 5 minutes for a response to an email or a phone call, it’s bizarre really! No where do you find that level of customer service these days. You literally feel like you are the only person he is working with to help find a home, when clearly, that is not the case. If you use Sam and his team you will not be disappointed, actually, you will likely feel more at ease knowing that he is working for you. The whole team has a level of professionalism that is unparalleled. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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Response from Samer Kuraishi on 09/10/2013
Thanks again for working with myself and my company! We appreciate your business and are very happy for you!! Always here for you!


- Will never recommend
08/07/2013 - sghannam211
Listed, but didn't sell my Townhouse home in 2013 in Ashburn, VA.
Updated review based on one year of working with Samer (A-K Real-estate):

Conclusion: • Samer (A-K Real-estate) failed to sell my property • Received one offer on property within 12 months, counter offer rejected • Accepted only offer, but failed to close deal with the bank • Vacated home in order to help sell it faster, attract more offers, etc. • Moved family into rental property • Continuously failed negotiations with bank on initial offer • Property foreclosed on Jan 2014. I lost my home

If the above situation is one you’re willing to accept, then please contact Samer (A-K Real-estate) and do not read this very long review any further. If you want to know more based on my experience, please read on…So, looking back on everything now, I do wish I had made a different choice selecting a real-estate agent. I am not sure why I decided to do business with Samer because I had no family or professional referrals suggesting to use him and I do regret that decision now. My fault, lesson learned, Anyway, so back around November 2012, I think at the time I was on Zillow looking at homes and came across Samer’s profile, there was one review in particular I liked cause I could relate to the seller’s work, home, and family situation and figured that if Samer helped this guy out, he could do the same for me. In fact, there is a lot of excellent reviews on this guy, but in the end, not the case for me. He didn't solve my problem. Obviously I contacted Samer and gave an opportunity to him to list and sell my home. After the home was listed in January 2013, I never physically met with Samer again. All business regarding this property was via email and phone. Which I fine with because I worked full time and have three kids to spend time with every day. We finally received an offer about 6 months later for 295k, my home was listed at 325 I believe. But Samer was very confident he could get the banks to approve and write off the difference. In other words, the initial and only offer received did not pay off the mortgage in full, but Samer was convinced he could get the banks to release me of the difference. Looking back on this matter now, I do not think he fully understands how banks will react to certain offers. And not all banks behave the same way. Anyway, this type of sale is a called a short-sale. I was o.k. with this because I was upside down on my mortgage anyway and was expecting this type of sale, but I was hopeful he could sell it. In the end, he was not able to get the offer approved by the bank as he so confidently expected. Worst of all, I think the banks dragged out the offer, returning phone calls, and answering emails from A-K Real-estate just until my home ended up going into foreclosure. It was such a coincidence that by the time I received notice in December by a flyer in my mailbox from some local lawyers advertising their services (public records made the lawyers aware) that my home was going into foreclosure on Jan 1, 2014 and now the banks are returning emails and phone calls to Samer (A-K Real-estate) it was already too late to save it. The next option Samer suggested was declaring bankruptcy in order to stop the foreclosure process. Which is illegal anyway and filing for bankrupting absolutely not even going to consider on top of receiving a foreclosure notice. So after working with Samer and his legal person for a couple days, it was too late to save the home. I believe Samer and his team did act in good faith and did what they could to sell my home in the beginning, but I did not ever really feel that they cared if my home sold or not. If it went into foreclosure it was not there problem, that’s how I feel about it. In the end, my wife and lost our home do to foreclosure, not what we were expecting to happen, but we will recover. It only took me 10 minutes to type up this review and if it helps one person, my job is done. Good luck finding the right real-estate agent.
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Response from Samer Kuraishi on 06/11/2014
Losing a home to foreclosure is a very emotional thing and I am so sorry that this happened to our client. Our team diligently worked for months in an effort to prevent foreclosure. Having successfully executed hundreds of short sale transactions in the past, it is true that I believed I could short sale this property. But my belief was based on the information provided to us. Out of respect for our client, I will not provide additional details on this matter, but I will say our team takes pride in educating consumers every step of the way. I appreciate our client’s feedback and this will only help us become even a better resource in the future. We welcome transparency. Thank you.


- Highly likely to recommend
05/07/2013 - user0147075
Sold a Townhouse home in 2013 for approximately $175K in Montgomery Village, MD.
Excellent service in handling the selling of my Mother's home in Montgomery Village, MD. Very prompt response to any questions I had, always had a solution to the issues that came up. Uses technology to complete the transaction, made it very easy and convenient to get the paperwork done. From start to finish, he was extremely professional and competent, I would use him again in a heartbeat.
Profile picture for Samer Kuraishi Group
Response from Samer Kuraishi on 09/10/2013
It was great to see multiple offers on your home and get more than list price in the first few days on the market! All the best moving forward!


- Unlikely to recommend
05/31/2014 - user0220208
We connected, but it did not work out. Looking in Washington, DC
The response I received was so delayed that I was too nervous to get into business with that agent. I felt as if any questions I'd have in the future or steps I needed to take to move forward would also be very delayed. I wanted attention to timeliness, and responding to my initial inquiry should have been the first indicator of that. I would be very hesitant to recommend the agent but didn't put never only because there may have been circumstances unknown to me that kept communication from happening within the first few days. I would hope that is the case, as it would otherwise be a disservice to those searching for a home to rent or purchase as well as those entrusting the agent with something as valuable as their home.
Profile picture for Samer Kuraishi Group
Response from Samer Kuraishi on 06/10/2014
Good afternoon! I just received your feedback and wanted to reach out to you and see where the disconnect was? As we pride ourselves on communication and service to all our clients and customers. We value your time and goals especially when it comes the biggest purchase/sale of most peoples lives. Love to speak to you if you are available and I can be reached direct at info@a-krealestate.com or 202.775.4663.


- Will never recommend
07/12/2013 - user1763561
Did not respond to my inquiry in Washington, DC.
I was sent an general text message stating that Samer would contact me shortly... I responded back with and okay.... But never heard anythign back tom Samer.
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Response from Samer Kuraishi


- Highly likely to recommend
07/04/2011 - Mahaliaj
Sold a Condo home in 2011 for approximately $75K in Lanham, MD.
Samer Kuraishi assisted me with selling my house at a very crucial time in the process. After over two years of having a reputable lawyer negotiate with my mortgatge company to work with me after being unemplyed for 9 months and underemployed for another 10 months ( I was continually 'not approved' for the Making Home Affordable Mortgage government program), I had to change tactics fast and seek the short sale process. Emotionally exhausted, tired of getting pre-foreclosure letters and calls, and ready to let go, it was recommended that I call Sam. We began our conversation in January of this year and, as soon as Sam heard my story, he immediately took charge and promised to fight for me, not charge me more than the nominal fee that was required for the lawyer to re-open my case, and negotiate with every involved party to the end. He only asked that I be up front and let him know of all the liens, judgments and any correspondences that I had so that he could negotiate with a clear understanding of what he faced.

Because of Sam's excellent customer service, professional and knowledgeable team, superior problem solving and negotiation skills, honesty, relentless work ethic and belief in winning what looked like an impossible case to win, I was able to close on my home on July 1 of this year. What was amazing was that I walked away from a house that I owed $300,000 on (but in 2011 was valued at less than half of that) and the bank approved a buyer's price of $64,000, mainly because of mold and flooding issues in my basement. I also had liens on the house because of HOA fees. The day that I went to the table, I found out that the liens were lifted, the bank chose not to pursue me any further for the substantial loss that they took, and the money that I had to bring at closing I was able to keep with the last HUD 1 Settlement document results. I OWE NOTHING. I count that an awesome blessing, and I have peace of mind. That, alone, is priceless! Thank you, Samer! I am so very grateful.
Profile picture for Samer Kuraishi Group
Response from Samer Kuraishi on 04/09/2014
Thank you so much for your faith in my services to get you released of all your debt! It was a long a road but we did it! Short sales are not easy but they can be if you know what you are doing! Here for you always! SK


- Highly likely to recommend
07/09/2014 - mjames14
Bought a Townhouse home in 2014 in Greenmount West, Baltimore, MD.
Areej was the BEST!!! She was extremely attentive and honest throughout the entire home buying process. As a first-time homebuyer it was so reassuring to work with someone that cared about me as a client, more than just making a sale!

Thanks Areej for helping to make my dream of homeownership a reality!!!

Profile picture for Samer Kuraishi Group
Response from Samer Kuraishi on 07/10/2014
Yay!!! We did it!!! Took a few extra days dealing with all the Seller's side items but we made it and there is no looking back! Thank you so much for your confidence in Areej Kuraishi and myself to make this deal happen! We We wish you nothing but continued success!!


- Highly likely to recommend
07/09/2014 - user21359455
Helped me rent a Townhouse home in River Terrace, Washington, DC.
I had the pleasure to work with Angie Lundy. She was excellent! I needed to find a rental quickly and she delivered. She was extremely attentive and was quick to respond. John and Angie took me to see nearly a dozen properties and never complained. Angie offered great advice and was my advocate during an exhausting negotiation. Butfor her I would not be in a unit that I love which is in my preferred location. Thanks to Angie and John for their hard work.
Profile picture for Samer Kuraishi Group
Response from Samer Kuraishi on 07/10/2014
Congrats!!! Angie Lundy is at the top of her game! Clients come first here at AK! We are so happy for you!!! Thank you again for the opportunity!


- Highly likely to recommend
07/09/2014 - khelmi
Showed home in 2014 in Maclean, VA.
Areej Kuraishi had an initial meeting with my wife in DC , I have give her notes regarding our specific needs in a single family home as well as our budgetary limitations. She is highly talented technologically and made excellent use of the relevant search engines and real estate databases to quickly find us a variety of homes for sale in Maclean and Fairfax , She did not waste our time with homes that were out of our price range or not in line with our needs. even though I am located overseas , she was along my wife side throughout the home search process, she also managed to arrange a leasing bank to offer us a foreign mortgage . There is nothing that escapes Areej attention when it comes to property sale . even when I was in contact with her from overseas I felt if I am their with her . Areej is highly attentive agent, almost as if we were her only customers, although we did not close the deal , She is still in contact with me and returned all phone calls and emails the same day. i never felt neglected or unimportant. She is also an engaging personality. I am pleased to recommend Areej to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. She will be my first choice in my real estate deals .
Profile picture for Samer Kuraishi Group
Response from Samer Kuraishi on 07/10/2014
Thank you so much for the opportunity to serve you and your family! We take pride in our clients goals of home buying and do our best to make it an amazing experience! We will always be here for you!


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