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Why has the Zestimate gone crazy on our house? How do we get it corrected?


Carol, the zestimate, has no rhyme or reason and from what I have found, even with my own home, is not based on local realtor board or local tax authority assessments.  If you read about Zillow Zestimate, you will find they have a pretty wide span of accuracy/inaccuracy. 

A Sold listing is Showing as Active on this site


Christy, I feel your pain as same thing has happened with my listings in past.  There is a link to report a listing as inactive and you can also email zillow to have it removed.  Their data feeds aren't as reliable our board's idx systems are, unfortunately.  I'm constantly fielding inquiries about homes that have been sold as long as 2 yrs back that are still appearing as active within a certain zip code.  

If I put in an offer an it's accepted how soon do I have to get the inspection?


When sriting an offer to purchase, the inspection and inspection time periods are spelled out.  Most of my buyers like to have a 14 day time frame starting from date of acceptance.  As a first time buyer, it is important to sit down with your agent and discuss the buying process, steps, timeline, mortgage decisions, etc.  Understanding the process and setting realistic expectations will make your transaction go smoother.  Too often I have seen inexperienced buyers rush in to write an offer without fully understanding what is involved.  A good agent and especially one that is an ABR (Accredited Buyers rep certification from NAR) will educate you and guide you along the way.  Good luck on your road to homeownership!