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10/22/2014 - dan nessett
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $675K in Livermore, CA.

Early this year (2014), it became obvious that I needed to locate closer to my mother in order to provide her more care. Consequently, I decided to move from Fremont to Livermore. Since this wasn’t an emergency, I wanted to find a home that would be close to the independent living facility in which she resides and also was of similar quality to my Fremont home. This meant I was willing to wait a significant amount of time to find the “right” house in Livermore, but also meant once I purchased, I wanted to get my Fremont home sold quickly so I didn’t bear the financial burden of owning two homes.

I contacted Sandy about this and she agreed to help me. To be frank, I am picky about the location and condition of the residence in which I live. So, it took quite a while to find a new home (about 5 months). During this time, Sandy kept suggesting homes that came on the market (filtering out many that did not meet the criteria I had established) and did not lose heart because I turned most of them down. She continually worked with me to fine tune her understanding of what I was looking for and did this cheerfully and deliberately.

When we first started the search, she took me to several neighborhoods that she thought would suit my needs, some of which did not have homes for sale at that time. As it turns out, her instincts were spot on, since the home I bought 5 months later was in the neighborhood that she thought best met my needs. Homes in that area do not come on the market frequently. So, she was really interested in finding the best house for me, not just quickly getting a commission and moving on to the next client.

Once I had purchased the home in Livermore and moved in, she went into overdrive to get my Fremont home prepped for sale. She discussed with me the most financially beneficial improvements that would increase the price of the house. We developed an improvement plan and she found contractors to implement it quickly. The home went on sale about 5 weeks after I moved out (during which time contractors installed a new granite kitchen sink, replaced the electric range and hood, knocked out a half wall between the kitchen and living room, completely painted the interior and installed all new flooring). After being on the market for about 10 days, we had 5 offers, 3 of which were for substantially more than the asking price. While the first offer we accepted didn't work out, Sandy had lined up two other of the offers as backups (from years of experience she knows the first accepted offer doesn’t always succeed). We accepted one of backup offers and closed the sale about 1 month later.

I also need to mention that Sandy works with another Real Estate agent, Gigi, who provided significant help during my search. Gigi has a deep understanding of the Asian community, especially what they are looking for in a house. This was invaluable when deciding what improvements to the Fremont home would be most cost effective. Gigi also has contacts with various contractors that do high quality work at a reasonable price. I used some of these for work on both the Livermore and Fremont houses.

In summary, I would highly recommend Sandy and Gigi to anyone looking to either purchase or sell a home. They are consummate professionals and make their client’s welfare their first priority.

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06/03/2014 - zuser20140603140038798
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $1.15M in Livermore, CA.

It was the best experience we have had selling our home through Sandy. She gave constant attention to us and all matters of the transaction. The transaction was smooth because she paid for all of our inspections. The buyers knew what they were purchasing and therefore there were no problems or re-negotiating involved.

We would definitely recommend Sandy to any one. Call will be glad you did!

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02/28/2014 - gthba
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $475K in Union City, CA.

I purchased my first home with Sandy Hermerding about 20 years ago. I had no idea what I was doing, what financing was or where the best place was to buy. Sandy took my hand and I ended up in a wonderful home that my family enjoyed for 10 years. Then, when we were ready, Sandy was there to sell it for us. Now, it was time to sell my mother's home. Mom had several "dress rehearsals" with Sandy and pulled out at the last minute. Sandy was so patient and kind to my mother. more so than i was.... This time mom was ready and serious. ....and Sandy was there with patience, a smile and a plan. Sandy knows her market and strategically priced our home with inspections completed. Not only did Sandy sell our house in 9 days.....she got us $50,000.00 over asking price. Considering the condition of the house (mom lived there 48 years with no major repair work done....but needed) Sandy got the job done and made it look easy. Sandy seems to know everyone and came to this project with buyers already in mind. She knows the market, has a very aggressive and strategic plan and a very impressive work history. Along with that, Sandy is a people person. She has perseverance, honesty, endurance, excellent negotiating skills and awesome organizational skills. And, she does all this but still makes you feel like family. I will always ask Sandy to help us in any real estate venture and I will continue to refer her to everyone I know.

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08/28/2013 - user06930782
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $1.25M in Livermore, CA.

We were so pleased that we had chosen Sandy to be our selling realtor. With all of her knowledge, expertise and suggestions, we were able to list, show and sell our house in three weeks. By being pro-active, with her prompting, we avoided any controversy with the new buyer. The transaction went smoothly and she did much more than her responsibilities. When the buyer's realtor, dropped the ball (as he did many times), Sandy did not hesitate to jump in and help so that we were protected!!

I would highly and strongly recommend Sandy Hermerding and please call me with any questions.

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07/08/2013 - user96736378
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $725K in Livermore, CA.

Sandy did an excellent job marketing our home as opposed to just selling it. She has a wealth of knowledge about the real estate market and gave us excellent advise regarding when to pit the home on the market, how to get it ready for sale and did a great job in guiding us through the entire process. All of her staff and resources she used were very professional. As a result, we received a great price for our home. We would recommend Sandy to everyone.

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05/18/2013 - user2004303
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 in Kimber-Gomes, Fremont, CA.

My husband and I purchased our house when our first son was a year old. This past fall, I alone was left to sell our family home of 44 years, and buy near one of my sons. I was told by many that I faced a “mountain”; one even said a “mountain range”.

During the process of selling, I became more aware of the many difficulties and complexities that I could never have imagined. By that time, though, I had discovered Sandy Hermerding to handle all the “boulders and crevasses “ and take care of the process for me. Sandy was so knowledgeable, helpful, enthusiastic and caring that I grew to feel that my best friend was working for me. She was truly a Godsend!

Sandy advised me about improvements and changes that would make my home more appealing. She not only arranged for these to be done, but oversaw the workmen she recommended, making sure that everything was done properly. She never left me alone to greet workers, inspectors or appraisers but made it a point to be there personally to explain the job or the features of the house, as the case required. In situations where outside workers were not necessary, Sandy personally helped to improve the appearance of things I had failed to recognize.

Sandy is honest and ethical. It is indeed comforting to know that she is going to bat for you. She justly prides herself in continually keeping you informed of schedules and sale progress. Her 37 years as a Realtor in our area have earned her experience, knowledge and the respect of her peers; as well as the trust and respect of those who are agents of inspections, loans, escrows, etc. To illustrate Sandy’s caring beyond all expectations: after the sale of my house was completed she was concerned that I had not found a suitable home in my new area. She researched homes whose owners were most likely to sell and offered to help me contact them. Just as we prepared to write to these, the perfect place came on the market. The letters were not necessary but Sandy’s offer was so typical of her caring efforts to ensure that my move would be as successful and smooth as possible. The Realtors involved in my new purchase had a hard act to follow – they could have learned a lot from Sandy.

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01/18/2013 - user9511310
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $450K in Livermore, CA.

Sandy was amazing and so much fun to work with. She was genuinely kind, thoughtful and sensitive to our needs. She provided advice and guidance as we worked through the improvements required to sell our home.

Sandy’s level of experience is impressive and she was a wealth of information. We had never been through this process before and she patiently walked us through each step and kept us informed at every turn.

I can highly recommend Sandy without hesitation!

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Response from Sandy on 01/22/2013

It was delightful and fun working with both of you. We were a great team! You allowed inspections before we marketed your home, so the buyers knew what a nice home they are buying. Your hard work rewarded you with $20,000 over the asking price. Thank you.