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Making an offer on a unlisted foreclosed home


Definitely drive by the home regularly to see who has posted the notice. Check the Fannie Mae website as coming listings. Many Realtors who regularly work foreclosures and represent Fannie Mae homes may have it on their website as coming soon. You're almost there keep pushing forward.

can you get a new realitor if you feel yours isn't helping you find anything


Kathleen,I just wrote a contact for a young couple who had been working with another Realtor.  They felt they were not getting any sevice from their previous Realtor. They were referred to me through a friend of theirs, who had bought a home from me 3 years ago.You may want to ask  your coworkers or friends, who have bought a home in the last 3 years, who they worked with and what was their experience. If you can get three referrals from friends,  that may be better than cold calling agents. The Sanna Thomas Team  Solutions not excuses  Ocala FL

buying a bigger house.


Here is another option that you can take. You can do an ARM that now has a super low interest rate. Once you sell your home you can pay off. the loan. Once upon a time we had bridge loans. We don't see those anymore. You will have to closing costs on the loan, but you can obtain the house that you really want now. If your home is  properly priced and in good condition,  the sale shouldn't take more than a couple of months. Sellers are reluctant to take an offer with the contingency of  the sale of your home.The seller can add a kick out clause. Should they receive another offer, they can give you 48-72 hours to remove your contingency on selling your house or be released from the contract..You might get lucky and find a seller who can wait for you to sell.

How to buy a new primary residence before selling my existing one.


Dave,Great question. Many of the buyers are in the same situation here in Ocala. What I have suggested to buyer/sellers is first  learn the actual value of your current residence. You can either order an appraisal or have a local agent do a basic CMA  to see the comparable sales. Sometimes that can be an eye opener.With interest rates being so low, you could do an ARM. The current low interest rate makes this attractive, while you wait for your home to sell. Of course it will cost you a little  money to originate this mortgage.Owner financing is an option, but you still need an attorney to go over all documents to make sure you are protected. Some owners fear signing over their home in the event you stop making payments and/or their home will be  neglected or damaged.Best case senario might be a vacant home. The owner has already moved and did not need to sell the home first. So rather than let it sit empty they may entertain owner financing.Speak with a lender and see what options are available.

how do I cancel my listing?


It all depends on the terms of your listing agreement. I suggest you read the terms of that document.There are two types of cancellation, conditional or unconditional. You will need to contact your agent and discuss it with them. In the event that you are not satisfied with the agents response, you can speak with the Broker of the company.

How do I search for ranches/farms?


Zillow does not have a farm category. My suggestion is to add the specific acreage you would like and that should bring up farm properties. I work the Ocala /Marion county area and would be able to send you farm listings if this is your area of interest.