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Obtaining a loan after unemployment


Most loans do require a recent two year history of employment.  Breaks in employment may be acceptable depending on the reason, and if that reason is verifiable.... for example, was he off for a medical reason? Was he attending college to further advance his career?, etc.  Find a good lender, and be frank about your situation and work history so that he/she can best advise you.... it's unbelievable to me that your current lender let you go all the way through the buying and pre-qualification process and didn't know about your husband's break in employment....

Buying house - seller paying to get out of house; worried about appraisal!


Typically your offer is contingent on the home appraising at or above purchase price.... in other words, if it appraises low, you have the right to cancel.  Other options would be to negotiate with the seller to reduce the price to appraised value...but of course in this case the seller would have to have the funds available to do that.  Or if this is a home your really want you could purchase it anyway, but be aware your lender will only lend on the appraised value, so you would have to come up with the difference.  Your Realtor will guide you through the process....

Zillow Asks: How do we improve listings quality?


Institute some sort of policy that keeps listing data more current...maybe automatically purge listings that are more than 3 months old.  Or is there someway to get listing info feeds directly from the MLS services?

How do I get a market analysis to help price my home for sale?


If you're selling your home, you are probably interviewing two to three Realtors to market your home....  ask them to provide you with a CMA.  A Market Analysis will be part of their planned listing presentation anyway.  At the same time you should be doing a little homework yourself, and visit other homes, similar to yours that are currently for sale so that you get a realistic feel for prices in your neighborhood... 

how do I find out what my house is worth?


Well, if you're just wanting a ball park figure for curiosity's sake you can always use an online service like Just type in your address for an estimated value... The caveat there however, is unless your home is in a very "cookie cutter" tract neighborhood, those quick valuations can be pretty inaccurate because they just go on recent sales data nearby and do not/cannot take into account all the variables/amenities that affect a home's value.  Otherwise, a local fee appraiser would be your best bet and probably cost you in the neighborhood of $450 - 700.00.  A local Realtor will also be able to give you an accurate value of your home, with a free CMA (Comparative Market Analysis).... they are happy to provide that service in the hopes of retaining your real estate business in the future.