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Sarah Huebler is an A Rated Real Estate Broker on Angies' List. Dedicated to offering a great service and great value too!

Sarah is the Owner/Broker of West Orlando Rentals Inc.which is a Full Service Residential Property Management Company.
Because we specialise in managing rental properties we can recommend the ideal investment home to purchase from extensive experience. We also offer unique vacation home services when no tenant is required or needed. Tell us what you need and we will customize our services to meet your need.

Utilizing the owners 25 years of residential leasing and property management experience, we provide the most innovative and reliable Rental Home service available in the West Orlando area. Leases are typically for 1 year.

We are available to show properties at any time of the day, or in the evening, including weekends. We always put our clients first!

We have a very high standard and ensure that the home is delivered impeccably clean and all appliances are in good working order. We protect both the owner and the tenant by conducting a detailed walk through inspection which is then loaded onto our data base for easy viewing by both the tenant and the owner.

We are driven to provide great service PLUS great value to our clients.
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09/05/2013 - user4725137
Helped me rent a Single Family home in Winter Garden, FL.

We rented a home from Sarah, assuming she was just the rental manager, but quickly found out she also owned the property. When we moved into the home we were notified that because there was not much time in between the previous tenants vacating and our move-in, she was unable to do any paint touch up or repairs. I figured it was fine because I knew we would not be staying there forever and would just live with the holes all over the walls. I also stupidly assumed that when we moved out she would not use this against me. Upon vacating the home we were accused of putting holes in walls that were already there and a few minor repair needs that were also needed prior to us moving in. There were also two very tiny areas that I didn't see prior to check out where my daughter had scribbled on walls. (Maybe 2-3 inch area.) Because they were so small I didn't even notice them until she pointed them out. I wish I would have quickly wiped the areas with a Magic Eraser because after we received only approximately 1/4 of our deposit back I realized where Sarah makes her money. She charged us outrageous fees to fill holes we did not create as well as labor and paint to repaint entire rooms where there were two tiny scribbles. Her excuse was that there was not enough touch up paint and they were unable to match the existing paint. Therefore they had to buy new colors and repaint entire rooms. We were also charged for other minor repairs on things that were not in working order when we moved in. The amounts for all the repairs and painting still seemed outrageous to us so we requested receipts for the repairs. Ironically according to the invoices all the work was done by Sarah and her husband who charged labor and materials. When we tried to appeal the charges, they were all unequivocally denied, not by a 3rd party, but by Sarah herself, who of course saw no reason for debate. I hope the new tenants are enjoying the newly painted and repaired home presented to them because we paid for it. Too bad the same was not afforded to us when we moved in.  More Less 

Response from Sarah Huebler on 10/21/2013

We do not own this home, but treat every home we manage like its ours! The charges this tenant is complaining about relates to different home where substantial repairs were needed because of large holes & graffiti in several rooms (one room had "art" measuring 12 inches by 8 inches) Charges were $420 to repair six rooms. In a letter from the tenant she admits to all the damage, plus we have photographic evidence. The previous tenant received a FULL refund as they had complied with the lease. (Small nail holes are deemed to be wear and tear.) This is clearly an attempt at revenge! They already complained to the BBB then did not follow up, so the BBB dismissed the case. We are consulting with a lawyer for defamation/libel as this goes way beyond a review to a very personal attack.



05/21/2013 - Litespdmis
Helped me rent a Single Family home in Winter Garden, FL.

Sarah was such a great help with finding the perfect house and location for us. She was quick to respond and was so helpful in negotiations. Look forward to continuing business with her in the future.

Response from Sarah Huebler


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