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Should you pay off the house?


If your cash flow isn't steady and high, you may want to pay off your house. Ultimately what it comes down to is if you can take the amount of money you owe and make it grow at a rate higher than your mortgage interest, then its better to keep the loan. If you can't put your money somewhere where it will grow faster than your mortgage interest rate, then pay off the house. 

Why has no one considered a class action suit against Zillow


The value of your home is what you can get someone to pay for it, not what an automated program says. Zillow just gives a rough estimate... not even an estimate, its a Zestimate, which isn't even a real word. Don't worry, this is a consumer-oriented site. If you really want to know how much your home is worth, contact a local real estate professional. 

How can I list my home on MLS Service, if I don't have an agent?


I wanted to elaborate on the sister's point. The selling agent cannot answer questions for you about the transaction or the forms, they would be giving you real estate advice beyond a casual interaction, and would risk becoming your agent by estoppel. That's a big liability, not to mention a breach of fiduciary duty to their buyer, and any agent who has had some risk-management training will know not to. When you find an agent to just list your home on the MLS and not represent you, they will have you fill out a form acknowledging that they are not your agent and they will not give you any assistance. Best of luck!And yes good pictures make all the difference

investing in single property vs multi family property


This is a "big" question with many many variables involved, but generally, investing in an SFR detached home will be better if you intend to flip it in the future to maximize capital, and investing in a multi-family unit is going to get your better overall cash flow. Since you are getting started, you'll probably want to grow your capital, so I'd say go with detached homes so you will get a nice chunk of change when the market really picks up.The allure of multi-family properties to the new investor is that you can buy them with an FHA loan (3.5% down) if you live in one of the units.You'll have to look at specific multi-family homes available in your area and analyze what kind of cash flow you will be looking at vs. how much you would expect a detached house to appreciate over a given period of time. Good luck!

common problem, outgrowing u/w home, where to start?


Is your rate going to adjust down? If so that will be great for you and if you can rent your current home out for at least your monthly payment, that would be great too. That rent (about 75% of it) can be counted towards your income. Talk to a local mortgage broker and see what they can do for you. If they give you depressing news, talk to another one. There are hundreds of loan programs out there, I'm sure you can find one that will work for your specific financial needs. You'll really need to sit down with a mortgage broker to have your questions answered.