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How long should we plan on placing our current house up for sale?


How long your house is on the market is directly related to how well it is priced. Most importantly, you must have an agent who is able to show you what homes are selling for in the area. If he or she presents you with the information it should be fairly easy to figure out what your home should sell for. Once you have it priced correctly it will sell quickly.

Boutique agent vs large company -- is there a difference nowadays?


You are correct about the Internet, it levels the playing field. But ultimately you have to feel good about the choice you make. Obviously the price has to be right as well but feeling good about the person working for you is most important. Choose someone you trust, talk to a variety of people and then make your decision.

I am interested in selling my home that I bought about a year ago.


Fact of the matter is your house should sell for the going market rate. If you want to get an accurate estimate of your value just ask a local realtor for a comparative market analysis for the last six months in your area. From that you will be able to see what homes like yours have been selling for which will be a good estimate of the value.

How do I estimate the current value of my property?


Contact a local realtor and tell them you are interested in finding out how much your home is worth.  Ask them for a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) report for the last 6 months in your area.  You will be able to see what properties are selling for in your area.  Find a few comparables to your property and you will have a good estimate of what your value is.

Are you high?


I think that you have to take it as what it is, an estimate.  There are many places out there that you can go for an estimate and most of them are being very conservative because of the market conditions.  The best way to really find out how much your home is worth would be to see what homes like yours in the area are selling for in the last few months.  If you ever have problems with people disputing your property value because of this estimate just show them the comparables and that should solve it.