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Looking to buy in Mason, OH. List prices seem extremely high Vs Zestimates.


Sellers normally don't care about the Zestimate price. They look at what they "want" in terms of money, and they look at what the Comparative Market Analysis indicates. The sellers that are serious about selling will price their home properly, those that aren't, will price their home at a price "They" want...and their home won't sell. Your Realtor will help you determine fair market value for any home you are interested in.

Home backs to street


The fact that you are asking the question tells me it certainly is an issue. Are you nuts? Only you can answer that, but whether you buy the home or not, has to do with value. If you see the value in the home, you will buy. The road will be an issue to some of the future buyers. But if you can purchase the home at a reduced price, the same will happen when you sell. Bottom line, the answer will come from you. But at a certain price, yes, the home is worth it.

I am negotiating directly with an owner. Who can I contact for a true, current 3rd party appraisal?


The seller may set the list price, but buyers determine value. If you don't see the value, you may want to consider walking away. Example, lets say an appraiser hired by the 2 of you says the home is worth list price. Will you pay it? If the same appraiser says the home is worth $5,000 less than what you as the buyer are willing to pay, will the seller now accept $5,000 less. Probably No to both scenarios. Also, 4-6% apart, will not impossible, is still significant. One last point, even armed with an appraisal, your lender will have another appraisal performed, which may have a different value.

Are we bottomed out now??


That is the question on EVERYONE'S mind, Buyers, Sellers, Owners of Real Estate, Realtors, Title Companies, Real Estate Attorneys, Banks, Loan Officers, Appraisers, Inspectors, Furniture Stores, Carpet Stores, Plumbers, Carpenters, Roofers,....need I go on! I think I already have. Very hard to say, it is defintely a regional answer. Because Real Estate IS regional. I'm not sure they have in my area, there are signs we are there or very close.

How can I find how much a house worth?


Call a Realtor. Find a Realtor that knows the area you are talking about. He/She will be able to tell you much more than just a Comparative Market Analysis can. There is more that goes into "value" than simply square feet.