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Dunes Tavern & Conspiracy Center

Not sure what this is all about.  Consider me new to this conversation but WHAT are you all discussing? 
April 21 2013

Is there a realtor available whom actually listens to their client's needs instead of...?

The buyer interview is the most important step your real estate professional should complete right up front when assisting buyers.  By properly identifying the buyer's search criteria, financing needs and time constraints, the entire process of property ownership is simplified and streamlined - eliminating undo stress on everyone.  Not only is it important to understand the physical attributes of the property desired, but also it is just as important to understand the buyers purchasing power.  If financing is requested, real estate agents should assist by providing mortgage contacts that will immediately speak with applicants helping to establish their buying power prior to viewing listings.  Understanding the need to sell an existing property prior to a new purchase is most vital for timing is everything when you are ready to relocate.   Real estate agents owe the duty of listening to their clients. God gave us two ears and one mouth for a very very good reason.  BTW, I preview listings for clients every time the preview is permitted by the listing agent.  I don't like suprises on viewing days.  My clients time and my time is to valuable to not be prepared.Thank you for such a wonderful question.
April 21 2013
Why use a Zillow Pro Agent?
April 21 2013