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Add additional email accounts to Zillow

Hi,I need to add two additional email accounts on Zillow to receive contact leads.Please get back to me as soon as possible.Thank you,Serean Kimmel

I've had my home advertised for 51 days and have receive no responses. Is there something I'm missin


Art,Real Estate is more about people than it is about the house.  For Example:I have had a house for sale for three months in Castro Valley on Giovanna, and this house is very nice.  The sellers insist at listing the house at $699,000 becasue that is what they want to recieve.  The problem with this is that the buyers are like perranas ( sorry about the spelling).  In addition to buying a house that they love they want to feel like they are getting a great deal.  When the house whas listen at $699,000.  I was hardly recieving offers and the offers I did get were between $640,000 and $655,000.  I was disappointed and I had a serious talk with my seller.  I asked them simply why they hired a Realtor if they didnt want to listen to my professional advice.  They realized that maybe they were making a mistake and it was getting in the way of achieving theri goals.  I then was able to list the house at $649,000.  Gues what ?  Within two minutes of the price change I recieved a phone call and the next morning I had four offers.  Thsi time the offers ranged from $665,000 all the way to $690,000.Wow !!!!  What a difference,  The seller is now happy and we will be accepting an offer tomorrow morning.  The buyers were in a situation suddenly that they were in fear of losing out on a great deal that they were compelled to increase their offer prices just to keep someone else from getting the good deal.  People are motivated more by fear and loss than anything else.Also, having a Realtor represent your home has many advantages that are not available when listed by the seller.  The agents have access to many web based marketing tools that sellers do not have.  Also, I have experience with selling homes so I know what to do, when to do it and what to expect.  I prepare the home, do any maintneance that may improve the value of the home, stage it, have a professional photographer take beautiful pictures, create a virtual tour, and I market it the right way at the right time and I get results.  Realtors have access to the documents and we have legal representation and insurance that are all necessary to protect the interest of bothe the buyer and seller.  :Lastly selling a home is eexhausting, fielding the calls, arranging the showings, weeding out the weeds from the real buyers and transforming those buyers into actual buyers that are qualified and will close escrow.  Finally I process the transaction and close the escrow successfully so that you may accomplish the goal without using all you time and energy.  This is alot to digest, I know.  It is the truth though.  I would love to read your comment on my comment and find out what you think about what I said.Thank you,Serean Kimmel Realtor ReMax Accord