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Written about Mike Politzer on 08/19/2009
Closed purchase loan. Glorietta, Orinda, CA 94563

Mike was extremely helpful and consistently available and responsive to this first-time buyer throughout the course of a househunting process that lasted several months. I'm sure that I must have asked my share of "stupid" questions but as far as Mike was concerned there was no such thing - every question got his prompt attention and received a to-the-point answer either immediately or, if he needed a little time to get all his facts straight, as quickly as possible.

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Written about Bentley Advisors on 05/06/2009
Closed purchase loan. Piedmont Avenue, Piedmont, CA 94611

I met Danny when I found myself needing to put an offer together ASAP and the lender I'd been having some preliminary discussions with was a little slow getting back to me. Though it was a Saturday afternoon Danny's response was prompt and attentive, so when the lender I'd been talking to called me back a few minutes later I asked Danny whether he'd be interested in working as my realtor in the transaction. He was, and within a very short time he worked closely with me and the lender to put together a very competitive offer. Though that offer wasn't quite strong enough to get the house, I continued to work with Danny and the lender, and after a couple more offers that didn't pan out found a great house which Danny worked very hard to help me successfully close on. Danny takes a lot of pride in providing his clients with the highest quality representation possible. He's very serious about growing his business via a growing list of pleased, satisfied clients like me who will be very happy to refer our friends and family members to him.

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