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Would you advise an offer like this??


I don't see anything wrong with the offer.  House prices in Farmington have held their value.  There was a house on Strawfield that had the same caption. 

Where do you get your information on homes? be precise


You can go to the town hall of the town you are purchasing, and access the deed, the assessors office will have the field card with all the information.  This would include, square footage, rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.

is there an "etiquette" to giving an offer on a house?


When making an offer, you should come prepared.  If you are using a buyer's agent to purchase a house, you should have him/her do a market analysis on the property.  While they are doing that have your mortgage broker/banker write out a pre-approval for you.  Once you know how much the home is worth, you would need to write up an offer and submit it with the pre-approval, and a check for an earnest money deposit.