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What are the three most important traits that an excellent realtor should possess?


In my opinion most people want someone to listen first and keep their mouth shut.  Too many times to count I have seen a client start a sentance and the realtor finish it with their opinion, a story about their childhood, or other unrelated information.  My pet peeve is a realtor who cannot focus!!

What can I do if my realtor has been working against me in buying a home?


Hi smiley I am sorry you had to deal with this.  I know the realtor you speak of.  I do understand the issues you had.  Not to bash her, but I hope you were able to get through this deal with a happy ending.  Not every realtor is professional, they are human and some have no filter, not everyone will be the right fit for you.  In the future if you do not feel comfortable with the person helping you make this large decision than walk away.  I did it before I ever became a realtor, not everyone meshes.  I have had clients I would never let my kids meet because they have no filter so I understand :)  The best thing you can do is call her broker and give her a real review like on zillow, maybey it will help her see your side of the deal and hopefully she will change for her future clients.  Good Luck

Lots of renters and no rentals.

I have had multiple callers in the past few weeks looking for rental homes.  It is sad, because some have to be out of their home asap and need something now.  What is the best online site that you have found that really lists the rentals available?  On my local MLS there are about 89 and I have shown many of them to possible renters, yet many of them could not pass the credit check.  So if you know the best place for rental listings please let me know so I can forward the info to possible renters.  Thanks!!!

New shower design with no door, do you like it?


I think it depends on the bath.  The newer floorplans have the walk in shower behind a wall sometimes, making it feel like you are walking into a cave.  It is nice and spacious. 

What do the agents on Zillow think of the Postlets acquisition?


I use postlets as well as my own website to syndicate I hope postlets stays free.  That is my concern, that we get hooked on the free thing than they start charging for it, and we still need it for our business so we must pay for it   ughhh.  They are very smart!!!!