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Should we have an open house? What are the pros and cons?


Having an open house depends on the home.  If the home does not show well than I would not suggest an open house.  Yet I have had buyers walk in on an open house and put an offer in that day.  So yes the impossible can happen. Some realtors may not feel comfortable doing them due to safety issues.  You never know who could walk in and threaten or hurt the realtor.  So if thry are unwilling do not be surprised.  Good luck I hope it sells soon!!

Is there a charge now?


I asked the same question Kelly, the system has changed so now we just wait and they will upload.  UGH!!

Why do Agents acts like the Home buying or selling can't be done without them?LOTS of tools nowadays


Ok, I have to say something about this.  Yes I know there are people whom feel they do not need an agent, I get that.  Some people can do the entire process themselves getting the paperwork done, the negotiations, the inspections and all.  I get that.  The one thing missing is the help.  My clients have (used) me not in a bad way, to get through the process.  They may need reassurance, some one to help them destress or guidance, an extra pair of eyes during the walk through, a babysitter during inspections or closings, a friend that will tell them that it is ultimatley their decision.   We bond during this process, we talk daily for at least 30-60 days.  As far as sellers they may not have time to deal with showings, advertising, and such, it can be stressful.  Yes this is how I support my family, but my morals and ethics are more important than a sale.  Most of my past clients are friends, I know their kids, their hobbies, and I am happy for them.  So yes you are right that you can do it on your own, but I hope that I am helping clients and that they love their new homes that is better than the commission split...  Ok off my soapbox  :)

What part of the buying process is the most confusing to you?


I understand your response that we are supposed to know when is the perfect time to buy.  Yet it is up to you and your comfort level of when you are ready to buy.  Honestly we can not predict the future, we can hope that the stats that we get are accurate, but really is it the right time for you??  I am sorry your past transaction did not work out well I understand the issue with everyone not having the numbers straight.  We do work on commission that is why we work for you.  If you do not feel ready don't buy, my job is to help you along the way not to make you buy the most expensive house so I can get more money, that's not ethical!!!!