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Is it wise to ask the seller to cover closing costs?


This is one of the reasons to have a buyers agent. When you have an agent working for you than they are the ones negotiating the terms for you.  I just understand how uncomfortable it would be to ask for someone to pay $6000 towards your closing costs.  Just my opinion and advice.  Good Luck!!!

What kind of renovations does it need?


Ok no I am not the person who listed this house, but I have shown it to clients of mine.  Complete flooring (due to animal feces still in home), Kitchen  redone, cabinets, floor, counters, appliances.ect..  The entire home painted, holes in walls fixed.  It was at one time a lovely home, but to be honest the home needs to be gutted and start over.  I am not talking granite countertops, I am talking clean countertops.  Just my opinion.

Hi, Looking for help selling an elderly relatives home in Claremore, also help with estate items.


Hello there, I have listed in Claremore before, and wanted to let you know that if you do list the home make sure you list with a well known company.  Three of the listings I had from Claremore were originaly listed with a small company and the home did not sell.  The well known companies are more likely to have more advertising available and a larger base of realtors and clients to get business from.  Also if the home is in the rural development area, you could have a large amount of buyers from that, it is a loan that does not require money down.  As far as the estate items, I would suggest a estate sale, with advertisement for free on craigslist, unless anything is of serious value than I would suggest other avenues.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.