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Shannon and Rodolfo are the best listing agents, they have an amazing team supporting them to make sure everything runs as planned.<br/><br/>Thank you for an amazing Job.<br/><br/>The best on Short Sales


11/24/2012 - user6726476
Sold a home in 2012.

Shannon and Rodolfo are the best listing agents, they have an amazing team supporting them to make sure everything runs as planned.

Thank you for an amazing Job.

The best on Short Sales

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09/04/2012 - AllanandJackie
Bought a home in 2012 in Lea Hill, WA 98092.

Shannon has truly been everything we've hoped for and more. From the moment we met her, my wife and I knew we were going to be in good hands. We were buying our first place and Shannon and the SeaReal team have made the process so much easier. Communication was fantastic as all of our questions were answered in an extremely timely manner (and we asked TONS of questions). As such, she made us truly feel that we were the only ones on her radar and her #1 priority.

She is extremely hard working - she stayed up well past midnight to write an offer so we can have it first thing in the morning as we were just shown a house that evening and it was her “day off”! Not to mention that she is well connected as she knew the listing agent and was able to communicate with him to work a great deal for my wife and I. We got exactly what we were looking for within our exact price range.

We know now from first hand experience how nervous and daunting the buying process is, but we had full confidence in Shannon and the SeaReal team. They went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of and that our interests were not compromised, and rest assured, she and her team will ensure that you’re cared for as well. She has brought us delight and pure happiness, we could not have asked for a better person to do the job.

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06/15/2012 - user0952329
Bought a home in 2012 in Seahurst, Normandy Park, WA 98166.

Shannon was so great and really helped my husband and I through the whole process. As first time home buyers, it was important to us to have someone that was knowledgeable and helpful. Shannon guided us through the whole process and was always really helpful. She answered all our questions (we had millions!) and had ideas that we would have never thought of. She never made us feel "pressured to buy something" and was patient. She was also really quick to answer emails, texts and phone calls. Her whole team is also amazing. We really don't have any negative things to say about her or her team. She was great to work with and we will definitely recommend her and us her for our next purchase!

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06/06/2012 - user415380
Bought a home in 2012.

Shannon went above and beyond as an agent, she was willing to go the extra mile and put forth an exhausted amount of time and energy to help me find my first house. I did not have to hope that she understood the VA process because she already knew. Shannon was always there to listen to my wants and needs and very patient wth me when I had so many questions!! She made sure I understood everything that was happening throughout the entire process, no matter what time it was or if it was her day off she was always working on making sure that i had everything I needed and that this process being that it is my first home was as easy as possible for me. She knew my budget and stuck to it.. not once did she ever try to get me to spend over my budget or push me into a house that was not perfect. I highly reccommend her to her!!! Especially if you are active duty military or a Retired veteran like me.

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03/07/2012 - AppoorveAgarwal
Bought a home in 2012 in South Juanita, Kirkland, WA 98033.

Shannon came very highly recommended from a colleague. I was in a hurry to put an offer and my agent was out for christmas break. Shannon called me right away and we chatted till pretty late at night. We were expecting our first baby and had to get the place before the baby comes. I was very impressed with the way she handled the offer process and negotiations with teh sellers agent. If we had more time, we could have squeezeed out a few thousand dollars from the deal with negotiations but it was still a good deal. Shannon handled everything for me. The most important factor for me was the instant availability and willingness to answer questions. As a first time buyer i was clueless and there are so many things that can go wrong or be overlooked. Shannon ensured that we didnt get exposed in any way. Also we took her recommedations for inspector and financing and all those turned out to be great as well. I have already recommended her to a few friends and will continue to do so.

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11/01/2011 - billkasprzyk
Showed home in 2011.

Agent was late ariving at a showing. I called her several time and no responce to messages left. I feel she had clients where she would have earned a larger commision when with the types of properties I was looking at. It is my opinion the she felt I was not worth her time. I have moved on to another agent and at the current time I have several offers in and I am signning one today. The new agent is making money.

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Response from Shannon on 11/03/2011

Bill, Hello. I’m writing to clear the air & get to the bottom of what seems to be a miscommunication. I remember speaking to you. We had a detailed & pleasant conversation, where you indicated you were not looking for a buyer’s agent & where I was also very clear that my listing had just gone under contract. Because of these reasons, we did not schedule an appointment. It's alarming to hear that you received this type of service. The kind of miscommunication that you describe is very unfortunate and on behalf of the real estate industry, I’m sincerely sorry that you experienced this inconvenience with whomever you were dealing. I do wish you the best of luck with your real estate endeavors. Shannon



04/25/2011 - KTak
Bought a Condo home in 2011 in Bear Creek, Redmond, WA.

I can’t say enough about my experience with Shannon. She was fantastic to work with! For a first time home buyer like myself, she made the process simple, easy to understand and as hassle free as she possibly could. She was extremely knowledgeable about the local market, highly personable and always responsive to both ad hoc questions and more formalized follow up. She was extremely patient, accommodating, and at all times, professional.

When I began working with Shannon back in December, I was not only brand new to WA state, but the US real estate market as a whole. She broke everything down into language I could understand, guided me to push on all the right things, and in the end, made sure that I ended up with the home I wanted and now love! Without any hesitation I would work with Shannon again, and recommend her to my closest family, friends and colleagues. She’s a smart, open, honest and passionate realtor who puts the needs of her client ahead of her own. She was a delight to work with!

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04/21/2011 - mke2812
Bought a Single Family home in 2010 for approximately $275K in Lake Stevens, WA.

Our experience with Shannon was top notch. She's an excellent agent and she expertly guided us through the deal. This purchase was a short sale and I have to admit, there were many times when our patience wore thin. We were very frustrated with the seller's bank and how long they took to respond to our offer. Shannon never lost hope; apparently she has many years of experience dealing with short sales and knows that this is standard for the banks. She kept us updated once a week on the bank's progress and always offered words of encouragement. In the end, we got the house at an excellent price. We are happy we hung in there. And we are happy that Shannon knew just how to keep us calm and engaged. We know Shannon worked extra hard on this deal (I understand that's the nature of short sales) and we truly appreciated it! We recommend Shannon to anyone who's in the market to buy but especially to those who are interested in short sales. She really knows her stuff.

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04/21/2011 - Bill M.
Bought a Single Family home in 2010 for approximately $250K in Lake Stevens, WA.

I am a long-time real estate investor, having used many (M-A-N-Y) agents over the past 13 years. By far, my experience with Shannon was superior to anyone I had ever worked with in the past. It is obvious that she’s incredibly talented, devoted to the best interest of her clients, and she is a power-house (working hugely long days and never seeming to lack for energy!).

Shannon’s level of communication was high; emails were returned promptly and in detail. She would respond to us first thing in the morning, late in to the night - It was as if she was always working.

Shannon’s enthusiasm about real estate is infectious; we enjoyed all our time spent and conversations had.

Shannon’s professionalism and industry knowledge are A#1!!

For all (A-L-L) of my future deals, whether I am selling or buying, Shannon will be the ONE and ONLY agent that we use. She’s a pro!!!!

Thanks so much, Shannon!!

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04/12/2011 - Mike OMalley
We connected, but it did not work out. Looking in Willows, Redmond, WA 98052

I cant really tell you if Shannon Hernandez McIntyre is a very good agent or not as she didnt communicate with us very well. When we tried to set of showings, we never heard back from her. When we sent her emails, we never heard back from her. She is a very poor communicator who cannot be counted on to deliver good customer service or even the most basic of service of any kind. We finally had to terminate our relationship with Shannon Hernandez McIntyre and find an agent who actually wanted to sell us a home. I wonder how much commission Shannon Hernandez McIntyre loses when another agent sells a client an $850k home that Shannon Hernandez McIntyre could have if she would have simply responded to emails?!?!?! Oh well; guess we will never know!!

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