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Radon found in house, how does this affect resale.


The important thing about Radon is that the house has a radon mitigation system installed. My own home tested for radon at a level 13 (anything above 4 the EPA recommends you mitigate) and we put in a mitigation system and no problems! The system takes the gas out of the home and puts it out into the open air. My last home also had a radon mitigation system in it. Didn't bother us, matter of fact I was happy to have it. When we went to sell, the buyer was not very educated about radon so it freaked them out a bit. However, they had a wonderful buyers agent who explained that the system was a good thing. They had the house tested anyway, to make sure the system was working properly and then went on to buy the home. I think it's a good idea to test every couple of years to ensure the system is working properly.Here is an article I wrote on the subject, I hope it helps: luck!

How do I find a well motivated agent to sell my house? I live in 60445 area


Google some websites and check them out. See if there are any you really "connect" with. Then check out your local department of regulations (here in Virginia it is DPOR and you can look up the license, education, and any complaints on each agent). Select a few and interview them. We all have different styles and personalities so look for someone who knows the business is "in the details" and be sure to talk about how you like to communicate. Communication is key. In addition, ask about their marketing they will market your home, where, when, etc. And, of course a trusted friend, family member, or co-worker can always be a good starting point. Good luck!

Is using a floor plan helpful to a buyer?


When selling a home I believe the more marketing material, the better. Under contract with a client for a home right now where they not only left a copy of the floorplan, but also the survey. My buyers were thrilled to have this additional info. I also think it is great when a seller has kept the manuals to items such as the oven or range, dishwasher, etc.

how do I give my agent a reference


References are the back-bone of our business, so I am sure your Realtor will be thrilled with the recommendation. I see someone already gave you the aswer here for Zillow. It is also nice if they have a LinkedIn Account to give one on there as well as write one to the Realtor giving them permission to post on their website if they have testimonial area. Better than any gift a Realtor could ever receive.Glad it sounds like you had a great experience!

Buying Home from Toll Brothers in Fox Drive Moseley VA


This is an old question, so I hope you have found your answer! Did you end up building with or without a Realtor? What was your experience?As mentioned, having a Realtor is beneficial as we work for YOU and represent your best interest, not the builders. In addition, we can help you make sound choices when it comes to resale. (Such as to add a fireplace or not, to have a walk up basement or just an escape window) We can also help you with upgrade selections as well...where to spend your money and where you can skip and save later down the road. And, most importantly, we help you with the contract you are signing. We can help you understand exactly what you are agreeing to.I hope by this time you have settled into you new home and that you ended up having a great experience. New construction is fun and yet a little stressful at the same time.For anyone else reading this, if you want the benefit of a Realtor on your side in a new construction home transaction, it is very important you obtain representation before you visit a new home construction sales center. Many builders will not allow you the use of a Realtor once you have visited with them.