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I would like to know why my home 207 Plymouth st Pembroke Ma is listed as a 2 family when it is not?


Looks like you purchased your home December 2004.  If the Realtor that had your home listed inputed the information by manually to Zillow, he/she may have accidently clicked a wrong category.  You could contact them and see if that was the case and ask them to change it. BTW, I live around the corner from you at 85 Elmer Street - your home always looks so nice as I pass you on my morning run. All My Best,Sharon McNamara, Broker ? Owner ? Realtor

Bad Comparables


I believe that they use Sold comparables.  But if you go to the bottom of the page you will see a link from Zillow that shows their accuracy when predicting Zestimates.  It's interesting to see that they have no problem showing us that they generally are not correct with their information. 

opinion of value on residential home


Unfortunatley, we cannot attach PDF files to our answers for you to get that information to you.  Try this link:Info on Mattakeesett Street, PembrokeAll My Best,Sharon McNamara, Broker ? Owner ? Realtor

Why are real estate agents illiterate??


I wouldn't bundle all real estate agents into the same category.  Other industries have illiterate employees.  I ordered a balloon this week for a couple of new agents that joined my office and the clerk wrote, "Wellcome Home Donna & Joan".  Maybe you should point out their errors so they can begin to improve on them :)

5 days and no lookers. is this normal


There are a lot of factors that play into this - price, location, style of home.  If your price is too high and your location is not desirable and the style of your home is not what Buyers are looking for then you can expect a slow showing log.  Price is key though....don't go high to "test the market" - the market knows what is worth. Good luck.  I wish you lots of showings this week!Sharon L. McNamara

what is the current % difference of asking price and actual sale price of condos in pembroke ma


Pembroke Condo Market Profile This WeekSince you asked for statistics, I attached a Condo Market Profile for your review.  Although, these numbers are very accurate, they are based on sold units.  Keep in mind that the % of what a home sells for vs. the list price is different for every home.  i.e. - If two condos are identical and one is on the market for $200,000 and the other is on the market for $275,000, the % differential is going to be different for each if they sell for the same amount. All My Best Sent Your Way,Sharon L. McNamara