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Removal of images.


I would suggest you have your agent contact the listing agent and ask them to go in and remove the photos or, go in , claim the home and replace the photos with photos of the area etc. Best of luck, once the pictures are 'out there' its difficult to get them all back. And I know its a privacy issue with many people

how do I qualify as a first time buyer?


North Carolina has some programs for buyers. Speak with a local lender, if you don't know any, email me and I will give you several suggestions of lenders my buyers have used...good luck to you!

What home improvements are worth doing to add to the selling price?


Easy, kitchen, master bathroom. Get rid of the brass....neutralize your paint (no pinks please) use tans, soft greys.Update your countertops if you can in the kitchen, fyi, granite and stainless are on their way out...however the average consumer still believes those products are important....they are heading out though.if you can't afford to do that, just neutralize. Your Realtor should have a great stager they work with who can give you excellent advice...or your Realtor should be able to also give you suggestions. Make sure you entrance is clean and pretty. REpaint the front door, its the first thing a buyer sees and please, unplug....unplug those air fresheners. Buyers really get turned off by them. If your house has an odor, open the windows or bake some cookies (and leave them out) Feel free to email me, I am a top local NC Realtor