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Do Replacement Windows Greatly Improve Your Home's Value?


I think it does, however what I am seeing over again is the seal breaking on newer windows and to replace them can run you 125 and up where is the savings when that happens. I just left a sellers home, the home was built in 2003, we counted 6 windows with broken seals, at approx 150 each, thats a lot of $$$' go with something inexpensive however ask what the warranty is and whether the manufacture has had issues with seals breaking.Best of luck to you

Single Family attached vs townhome


 What do the tax records state? I am in Raleigh, we would call it a townhome as there is a party wall  and that is the definition we use. You are not that far from here. I would think it would be misleading if you advertised it any other way.

do you need an agent when buying a new home in a subdivision with a resident agent


 I have re-sold so many homes where the buyer 'represented themselves' and got the short end of the stick in a new home communityYou should always use an agent to represent you....there are some serious items that can happen in a real estate transaction, an agent who is acting as your buyers agent generally does not cost you anything but sure can save you..... make sure they are there when you go to the design center too and the walk throughs.....get an experienced Realtor who has worked in new home communities as a buyers agent to represent 

can i ask to see the bid submission history on an reo that is accepting best and higest offer


They will not disclose what the bid is, would you if you were the seller? Whether its the bank or a single entity they are trying to get the highest amount possible. My suggestion, have a comparative market analysis done and if you really love the property come in with a price close to what it is valued. If you are, however 'just fishing for a great deal' good luck to you, come in with a lower offer. In this area of Raleigh , we are getting about 96-100% of offer, depending on location and the quality of the home. Ask your Realtor what is happening in that market. Beautiful part of the world, Banner Elk. Let us know how it goes!