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A-1 Home Inspection Services, LLC
NY CT Lic.nspector- David Andrick, NY/ Conn. License (13 years experience)


Inspection, Property Management

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David Andrick, owner and President of A-1 Home Inspection Services, LLC has made his home in the Hudson Valley for over 20 years. I provide the experience and knowledgenecessary to assist you in making an informed decision.  While I have practical background pertaining to electrical, plumbing,  and rental property rehab work...I will not offer to repair any defects found during the inspection.  It would be a conflict of interest, unethical and against licensing laws.   And no, I am not a current or former home builder doing inspections for retirement or easy money!
It's a good thing... there are/were former builder/contractors who left their trade to do home inspections or to get convenient "conflict of interest" new addition/ remodeling/repair work!!   Many did not build great houses (or subbed out most of the work)  to begin with so.... it makes you think how well they'll inspect doesn't it?  

A-1 Home Inspection Services, LLC has 3 goals in mind when performing a home inspection for you:
  1. Educate you on the condition of the home.
  2. Assure a safe environment by performing any necessary environmental tests.
  3. Address your concerns in a professional and timely manner.

Over 10 years INSPECTION EXPERIENCE and 2,500 inspections later and I still love what I do!
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