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Sherri Parker-Evans wrote:

I have a property that is tempory of the Market! There is NOT an option to remove it?
There is only options for me to make it pending OR sold! We neded an inactive option in the drop down box.
February 09 2011

How can I get Zillow to post a picture of my house instead of my neighbors?

Is your house for sale by owner? Or are you using a Realtor?  If you are usng a Realtor, your Realtor can sign up for Zillow FREE and change your pic as well as put in several pictures for you.  If you are listed For Sale By Owner,  Your only option is to take another Picture and upload it.  If you are in the Norman are and need some help - please feel free to call me, I would be more than happy to help you.  Sherri
December 01 2010