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Sherry Lewandowski wrote:

didn't know realtors could solicite me when i listed my house on zillow, can i report this person?

If the homes are listing on Zillow as a For Sale by Owner. Anyone is free to contract you as long as you are not on the Do Not Call List. If you are listed with an agent let them know that you are being contacted. They will handle it from there.  I hope all works out for you.
October 09 2013

I've Done My Research, And Think It's A Great Time To Buy

Here is the Chicago area. Now is definitely the time to buy! We have seen a measurable increase is home prices and a reduction in solid inventory. Homes that were listed for $100,000 a year ago are now listed for $125,000 and are receiving multiple offers. REO's and banks involved in short sales are also seeing price increases as well.
March 25 2013