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Wali Helmand wrote:

How do I get a zestimate on a home that I am interested in buying?

email me your address and i will do a free comps for you, or you can go towww.skywestrealestate.comorany local real estate agent can do this for you.  thank you
July 08 2009

Can anyone get a mortgage with no down payment any more?

which state are you looking to purchase?  How much?[content removed by moderator]
July 08 2009

Agent has Hijacked my Listings

Someone has Hijacked my Listings that I have in Elk Grove and sacramento area! This is ilegal to do and I would like this to be correct asap please! All of my listings should go to my site. Thank youSomeone please give me a call 916-271-0923 or email me
December 06 2007
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