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small home loan


Why not get the 75K one then pay off 20K, youll have your $55k loan...

appraisal came low for a property whose land/use is condo/townhouse


You are a little confused and your agent isnt helping you out....A CONDO is a FORM of ownership, a TOWNHOME is a STYLE of home. Its sad you agent doesnt know the difference I guess... With a condo form of ownership, you can have a detached or attached home, it can look like a normal home or it can look like a townhome. Yours is a CONDO which looks like a townhome. With a condo you have an association and assocation dues, you DONT own the land, and you have CCRs. With a fee simple single family residence, a SFR  (NOT a condo), you DO own the land, you MAY have association fees, and it MAY be attached or detached. Condos are usually either a TOWNHOME or STACKED... a townhome means thers is no one above you or below you. Stacked means there is. But regardless, the value has nothing to do with if it is a CONDO or not , or a TOWNHOME or not. The value is the value. Keep in mind the lender, via their appraiser, values your purchase how they may. If they dont value it how you think it should be, simply switch lenders. If a number of lenders are lower than your purchase price, well, that means you paying too much, and you are going to have to kick in money to buy the property... Or your agent since he presumably is the one advising you on the value. There is no misrepresentation, only confusion on your part. Since you stated you have tried different lenders, it doesnt seem you are realistic about your credit score, nor your ability to purchase this home. I might suggest working with another real estate agent and/or getting pre-approved FIRST before you make any offers on any more homes. PS - WF is NOT the place for a hassle free first time buyer, if your agent suggested them, get a new agent.