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what is this site about


Lot of great people with allot of real estate and home improvement exp.  Like sunnyview said, lot of nice folks willing to help you with any problem.

Our apartment heating when set runs 3-5 cycles of just a fan in between heat cycles. Is this normal?


Your maintenance staff is full of it. If it's gas....You have a fan switch, which is set to come on at a certain temp.  The burner comes on and heats up the exchanger, then the fan comes on, say at 95 degrees ( this is so cold air, doesn't blow on you at start up ), it'll have a differential of about 20 degrees.  Meaning when the thermostat is satisfied, it'll shut the burner off but the fan will run, till the exchanger gets to 75 degrees, before the fan shuts off, to remove the rest of the heat and save energy.  Give me a call if you have any questions, no charge.  Good luck

Hardwoods Upstairs


If' it's allergies, then hardwood is the way to go.  Plus they will add value.  If your allergies are really bad, might want to look into an electronic air cleaner/purifier for you central HVAC system.

Oil burner is almost dead...


If you go with gas..Buy a 90+ furnance, they have a variable speed motor and dual stage burners.  Very effiecent, all brands have the same technology.  RUUD is the best bet for your money.  I've installed hundreds of them, good product support.  Have your contractor do a pay back comparison. 

Choosing a listing agent is critical when placing your home on the market.


Honesty...A realistic view on, pricing to sell, not telling you what you want to hear, but the truth. I interviewed 4 agents and yet to have picked one for a certain property I am selling.  3 of them thought I was nuts when I said, I only want people in my house that are pre approved by thier lender, for our selling price.  Is that out of the of the ordinary?