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09/11/2014 - jsh3ll3y
Bought a Single Family home in 2010 in Santa Rosa, CA.

Don is a very sweet man who wants buyers to go into house hunting exucated. He is willing to bend over backwards to schedule to your needs and will help you to find something that is perfect for you.

Don made sure that by the time I bought my house, I was educated enough to go to an open house alone and notice not just the benefits of the home, but how much work would need to go into it.

He is energetic and loyal to his clients. Most of all, Don LOVES to help people not just find a house, but to find a home. He's not out to make the big bucks like other agents, his goal is to make you happy.

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08/29/2014 - batmore9
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $750K in San Rafael, CA.

This summer Donald helped me buy my first home on my own. I am a schoolteacher, working to put my second child through college, so cost was a real issue for me. I grew up in Marin County, but I had moved away 30 years ago, and it had always been my dream to get back “home.” My needs were unique, and Don understood that he needed to get to know the “real me” before he could help find me the perfect house for my situation.

Don has both a kind heart and a wise head for the real estate business. We had many conversations, at my convenience, at the start of our relationship, so that Don could understand my needs, as well as my dreams, in buying a home in Marin.

Don kept in close contact with me over the weeks it took for us to find the beautiful home I now own and love. He took the time to listen to my feedback after we had seen a house that wasn’t “right” for me. He had many ideas for creative ways to find a home, and I enjoyed brainstorming different ways I might finance my purchase, as well as different types of properties I might like to own and live in.

I learned a great deal about the structure of buildings due to Don’s many years of working in construction and remodeling. He made sure to point out both general “rules of thumb” and specific examples of expert homebuilding, such as how to protect one’s house from damage from the elements, how to choose a building site, and how best to keep a home safe and performing at its best over the years.

When it came to the details of paperwork and financing, Don showed his expertise, honed by a lifetime of being involved in real estate. Don’s father was a well-known realty expert in Marin County, and Don’s connections to others in realty and finance are vast and healthy. He has great knowledge in all areas of dealing with the counties and cities in which he sells homes, in permitting, utilities, and finding out what you need to know about a neighborhood.

Above all, Donald Morshead wishes to find his clients a home in which they are comfortable, and he makes sure that they understand the steps needed in reaching their goals. His spirit of cooperation and integrity show in all the aspects of Don’s dealings with clients and other professionals, and I recommend him highly.

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03/05/2014 - Andrew
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $375K in Petaluma, CA.

My partner and I had a few scenarios that made 90% of the realtors we talked to glance over us instead of giving us the time of day. Don is the exceptional and rare 10% of realtors that was willing to help us find the home that matched our needs.

Our scenario required the following for us to consider making an bid offer: a fenced yard for our dog, loose pet restrictions (we have one dog and two cats), a HomeOwners Association fee below $400/mo that had a reasonable cost-to-benefits ratio, and an affordable home for our moderate income levels. The listings that were available to us and met these requirements were few and far between.

Our first three months of house education/searching went pretty much nowhere. Tons of real estate agents didn’t want to invest much time in a low-commission account like us. Except Don. He even referred us to a community mortgage lender (RCU) that actually cared about entry-level, first-time homebuyers.

Don was even nice enough to coach and educate us in all of the processes involved, which allowed us to bring our “A” game on every house bid we made. Don knows both Counties exceptionally well and can provide great advice on what a neighborhood is like. He was always willing to immediately jump on the phone and schedule a viewing for us, and work around our full-time work schedules (8 am - 5 pm jobs).

During the course of our house hunt, we toured approximately fifty homes in Novato and Petaluma. Our first five bids were “outclassed” by cash buyers and 20%-down bidders. Our sixth and final bid in May 2013 was when we finally had gotten our offer accepted. Without Don’s help and encouraging advice, my partner and I would never have been able to get our current home in Petaluma.

Thanks for making our house dream a reality, Don!

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