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How to uncheck Neighborhood Boundaries?


You go to toolbar under the map, and there is an option to uncheck the neighborhood boundaries. If you already know this and having trouble un checking it, please provide more information on what you are searching for, browser information. 

Howdo I view and edit my saved searches?


If you are a registered user you can go to My Zillow and Subscriptions Tab. You can see your saved searches in that. You can either delete them and recreate. Currently we do not support edit functionality.  

rental zestimate api


Joy, Thanks for being our API user. We have recently added the rent zestimate to the site. We haven't had a chance to add this to our public API. We have received multiple requests from users to add this. We are working on adding this to the API. I do not have an estimate on when this available yet. I will post it when we have it available.