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Stephanie Gruver wrote:

Question for Realtors: what would your reasons be to stay an agent and not become a broker?

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Quite frankly - I am interested in doing what I love, which is working to assist buyers and sellers with their housing goals, not with the additional responsibilities of managing an office and potentially other employees and agents.  I also like being with an organization that is large enough to have economies of scale in their organization, and depth of resources.  Lastly, I like having a large number of agents to network with.
January 18 2013

why is this home not on your wesite??

Some real estate companies do not "feed" their listings to Zillow.  You may want to check with your agent, if you are represented by one, to see if they send the listing data to Zillow or not.
December 12 2012

Do we have to make an accepted offer before having an inspector come to a home?

Great question - and great answers from the group!Here are my thoughts.  An accepted offer, with a contingency for inspection, clearly gives the Buyer the right to inspect, and confirms if the inspection will be "intrusive" or not.  "Intrusive" often includes pulling back carpet or drilling holes in sheet rock to look for moisture.  The Seller is giving consent to the inspection by signing the offer with the inspection contingency in place. There are many good answers here - but in the end, I would not spend the money on an inspection until you know you have an accepted offer from a willing Seller.  The other reason to not move forward without an accepted offer is the Seller, at least in Minnesota, has to "update" their disclosure report at the time of signing the purchase agreement, and that update could include valuable information that may change your opinion of the home or provide details you want your inspector to review as part of the inspection.  Hope this helps!
December 10 2012