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01/03/2013 - user7450109
Bought a Townhouse home in 2012 for approximately $400K in Ellicott City, MD.

Stephen was a pleasure to work with. We looked at and rejected a long list of houses, but he stuck with us and never pressured us to make an offer until we found the right house. His main concern was that we find the house we wanted regardless of how long it took.

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06/16/2012 - user0426232
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $300K in Ellicott City, MD.

We found Stephen by accident on the internet through a pop-up ad. We needed to relocate from Alaska to Baltimore and first needed to find a rental house. We have pets and needed to have a driveway big enough to park our RV and needed a garage for my husband's tools. Other realtors flat out told us it would be impossible to find that within our price range - if at all. Well, Stephen found us a perfect place in our price range with everything we needed !!! Within a couple of weeks. And by the time we got to Baltimore we could move right in.

Then 9 months later we wanted to buy a house. Still had the pets, the RV and the tools. We found a place and Stephen got it for us. We closed 2 days ago.

Stephen was always there to answer whatever questions we had, pretty much immediately. Even on weekends or after normal business hours. He is great to work with: always friendly and fun.

He even helped us deal with our not so great realtor in Alaska, while selling old house.

We are sooooo glad we found him and we will definitly recommend him to all my friends and who ever else. !!!!!

By the way, we call him Super-Cooper :-)

Thank you Stephen for helping us finding and buying our dream house !!!!!!!!!!

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12/12/2011 - tonyj2011
Bought a Townhouse home in 2011 for approximately $225K in Owings Mills, MD.

I had been looking for a new place to live for several months and it seemed impossible to find something my fiance and I really liked. After searching for places on my own and briefly talking to other realty agencies, I happened to find Steven Cooper and Jack Cooper Realty.

Steven has a friendly but professional attitude. Regardless of the question or how many I had, Steven replied back quickly with a detailed answer. If he did not immediately know the answer, he would responded back in a timely manner with a well informed response.

His commitment to provide the best service showed from the very beginning when we were dealing with a mortgage company that turned out to be very unresponsive to even simple inquiries. Steven presented the possible alternatives that would help keep this process going and soon we were talking with a more available agency (Southern Trust Mortgage) that was a great help to us throughout the entire complicated home-buying process.

His down-to-earth personality made Steven easy to work with and a pleasure to work with as well. If I were to buy or sell a home, I would not hesitate to contact Steven again. His knowledge, positive attitude, and honesty reassured me that we would find the home we were looking for.

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05/24/2011 - Holmer
Bought a home in 2011.

Stephen is a very delightful person to work with. He is knowledgeable, responsive, and very helpful in finding properties based on our needs. He represents us well and has a very good negotiation skills. We recommend him highly.

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05/10/2011 - scrisalli
Bought a Townhouse home in 2011 for approximately $375K in Baltimore, MD.

Stephen is a very knowledgeable real estate agent. His optimistic and friendly nature made our home buying process both smooth and stress free. We are very happy we used him.

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04/27/2011 - antoine9120
Bought a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $175K in Baltimore, MD.

I just settled on a house (last week) after viewing many homes with Mr. Steve Cooper. This was my first home buying experience and he made it as simple, and enjoyable as possible. We looked at many homes, including foreclosures, before finding what suited us (my wife and I). Mr. Cooper was a pleasure to work with. He knew the areas that we went to well, understood (and explained to us) how the real estate market and sale process works, was always accessible, and always had our (the buyer's) interests in mind.

Steve was always available (I say always to mean 'within reason') for questions and meeting for walkthroughs. He even took the time to view most of the homes in person beforehand (especially the foreclosures) to see if they would be worth our time. He was able to answer most questions I had on the spot, but if he didn't have an answer he would find out and get back to me asap.

I also have to point out Steve's excellent overall customer service skill. He always maintained his professionalism, but was a very fun and enjoyable person to be around. When you go through a process like buying a home where the professional is "all business" it makes things a bit less free flowing and less enjoyable.

In any sales driven industry honesty is a big problem, and I always try to see how honest sales representatives are. This was not a problem at all with Steve, for he pointed out many flaws with various houses that he thought I needed to know about based on what he learned about my preferences. There were a few times that I hadn't even noticed some of the flaws and made sure to point them out so that I was aware of them. He was never out simply to make a quick sale, but rather was focused on finding a house that I could afford and I would love.

A specific incident highlighting his honesty was when I we put a house under contract and got it inspected. This was my first time doing this so I didn't know what to expect. As soon as Steve had the inspection list he called me and let me know that the inspection wasn't thorough enough. The list contained about four things wrong in the entire house, and he explained that it should have been much more extensive. He could have just submitted it, had the seller fix the few issues and then collected his commission. His honesty precipitated another inspection where major flaws were uncovered, and eventually we got out of the contract because the seller was uncooperative.

Steve was also diligent about finding exactly what we wanted and with each house that we looked at he got an even better understanding for what we were looking for and what our price point was. The house that we ended up settling on was a great find on his part and was found by him because of repeated searches. I know he put a lot of time into finding houses for us to view by entering many different search parameters all days of the week and I truly appreciate it.

If all of this hasn't properly highlighted how great of an experience I had working with Steve take into consideration that I am not a people person, and am highly critical of anyone who will make a profit based on something I do. With that said I was so impressed with Steve's ability, bedside manner, and willingness to find what I wanted that when settlement was over [I] asked [him] for his business cards to give to any friend and family (or anyone else) who are looking to buy a house. I know that whomever I refer to him will be getting great service and will find the house that they are looking for.

Even after settlement Steve was still helpful since the listing agent still had the 'for sale' sign in the front yard. I called called him, and he immediately called the listing agent to have it removed. From start to finish and even afterwards you can't beat this kind of service.

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