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Written about Michael Silva on 08/13/2013
Closed refinance loan. Livermore, CA

I have known Mike Silva with Landmark mortgage for roughly 10 years. I met Mike at the gym and we engaged in health, workout & life conversations from time to time. I always knew Mike did loans but had previously been working with a few lenders as there are so many out there and most "get the job done". About a year ago I needed some personal advice about my financial situation, personal credit, loan and re-fi position and let me tell you it's a little more than "complicated" let's just say that! What I noticed right away was Mike was on it! I mean picks up the phone, quick to respond via email usually within an hr during normal business hrs always. He has answers before I have the questions and simply put "gets it done". He would call me days later and say you know what steve I've been thinking about this or that and this is what we should do that's best for your situation ect ect...I feel like he has my back with my personal financial situation and that's important to me. He's in it for the long haul, not just to close a quick deal. He gives his time upfront weather there is business directly related to him or not, who does that? He responds to texts, emails, in person at the office, whatever means of communication you like it works for him. Mike eats, sleeps and breaths lending. He has a team that's just like him, Mike and his team will dig and dig for you to make whatever you're trying to accomplish happen. Mike recently sat in his office with me today for 2 hrs while on the phone with credit agencies, mortgage companies, credit repair companies, going line by line through my credit report, helping me with all the details of my whole financial situation with things I would probably never get done on my own or Ide pull my hair out trying!! The credit repair service Ken Stray with Scorewell Mike hooked me up with is amazing and doing exactly what they said they would do. It wasn't cheap but worth it (about $1,800) They got tons of stuff removed and brought my score up 50-75 points.

Mike handles all the stuff "other lenders" will more than likely tell you to go take care of on your own and come back once you've got it handled. Not Mike, he's right by your side helping you get it done from start to finish. Never will you feel "rushed" or hurried with Mike. No question to big or small bring on the questions Mike will answer them all and with a great attitude while doing it. Mike is professional, honest, resourceful, respectful, helpful and experienced and that's the kind of lender I want to work with and send my business to as well.

To wrap it up I have been in Real Estate for 13+ years. I get solicited from lenders everyday wanting my business but not really having that "above and beyond" anything to offer. They promise to work hard and get the deal done but when it comes to really going above and beyond I rarely see it. Mike has proved he stands out from the rest not only for me and my clients but that's his hard work drive and ethic. Mike walks his talk and provides my clients with the same service he provides to me personally. I have sent him 6-7 clients in the past year and he has done a great job going above and beyond on every close. I highly recommend Mike Silva for any loan, re-fi and so much more for financial needs and advice.

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