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How do I tell you that the home already sold?


I really wanted to know how to tell Zillow that the listing had closed escrow. The link only allows "For Sale", and "Pending". Where do I tell Zillow that my listing has SOLD? 

Paying realtor when buying a home?


Buyers are the paying party in a Real Estate transaction. Sellers agree to pay a share of the proceeds to the listing agent and buyer?s agent in most transactions. $395 Broker fee or any broker fee is BS. Some sellers are offering more commission to entice buyer?s agents, but try to sell someone a house they don't like just because you are getting a better commission. It doesn't work well. Buyer?s agents should know the neighborhoods and be able to tell you about all properties in the market that they work. If not, find another.... Working directly with a listing agent often nets the seller more money and costs the buyer more.