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01/07/2014 - user5130719
Bought a home in 2013.
Woohooo… SO exciting!! We have our very first home and we are still so young… just starting out after college! The home is terrific, with a very private back yard, the interest rate we got (just before interest rates went up) is unbelievable, and we got thousands of dollars in what Terry calls “buyer cash back” to help cover our closing costs. OUR money went into our downpayment and equity, rather than being wasted paying escrow and other fees. The whole process was a very exciting “cliff-hanger”, and we almost didn’t get our new home at all. Another buyer with twice as much down payment as us (and without all the complications of our job changes) was making very aggressive offers on OUR home. Fortunately, Terry had very good instant likeability with the seller’s agent, and we met her at an open house, and we hit it off, too. Then we found out that the seller was a detective, and my dad is a police officer, too. So, the other agent (who was from out-of-area, and appreciated Terry’s help in saving her back & forth trips to Huntington Beach) and Terry made SURE between that our offer was as good as the other one (without spending more than we had to). This way, the seller could pick us without losing money. And they DID pick us! Yippee! Terry was wonderful through the whole process! He was always available day & night it seemed … by phone, email, and text. His emails are long, but they covered everything we needed to know to really understand what was going on, rather than just creating questions in our minds. He kept my dad in the loop, too, so my dad was comfortable with the whole process, and was able to help us make decisions. Because of our job changes and other complications plus some late documents from the sellers, and because our signed escrow instructions were returned to us by the crazy post office, plus some sloppy documents from the HOA, we were running late in getting our loan approval so we couldn’t remove our contingencies on time. We got one time extension from the seller, but then we still needed more time. Despite liking us and liking Terry, the other agent and the seller started to talk about canceling our house purchase. I guess the other, higher down payment buyer (whose offer we had only matched, and not exceeded, to be the winning buyer) began to look better and better to them. The wanted us to have the home, but they didn’t want us to not buy it, and then lose the other good buyer, too.

Things were getting pretty tense, with the other agent talking about “complying with the contract”, and talking about how her broker was a “real stickler for doing what the contract said” and so on. Fortunately, Terry has a cool head and is very persuasive. He and our lender got together and came up with the idea of removing all the other contingencies except the loan, and then even made that contingency just about the 3 or 4 things the person approving the loan was working on getting approved. Terry convinced the other agent that there was nothing magical about the contract… we and the seller had agreed to it, and it was a simple matter of agreeing to something different. So, Terry was able to get off the idea that we somehow had to “do what the contract originally said”. Then, with the 3 or 4 items needed to get the loan being the only contingencies that we didn’t remove, everyone was happy again for the few more days it took us to get loan approval. Terry protected us by not having us remove the loan contingency before we actually had approval. However, removing every other contingency gave the seller agent something to go back to the seller with to show that we were paddling hard to get it done, and not just stalling. This was all it took to take us to the goal and make our winning move of getting our very first home so early in our life! Terry watched out for us all the way, even getting our own termite inspector to inspect to protect us. Since the other agent was from out of area and our termite guy ended up actually doing the termite work, we didn’t even have to pay for this extra inspection (which Terry advises all his buyers to get, no matter what the seller’s termite report says). He also saved us $500 on the appraisal. I think Terry is as excited about us getting our first home as we are. It is not a big purchase transaction for him, but it is HUGE for us, and he treated it like he was getting the very first home for his own daughter. He is such a great agent to work with… very protective, experienced, and clear in what he wanted done to get us to the place where we could score our winning goal and get our first home. We know how close we came to losing our home (and the great interest rate, too, because now they’re higher, and we couldn’t have gotten our loan with the higher rates that came just a couple of weeks later).

Everything worked out perfectly, and we are SO stoked!
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Response from Terry on 01/10/2014
Great clients! They were decisive and totally supported me with my negotiations. The negotiation was almost a textbook example of everything falling into place. I established good rapport with the seller’s agent immediately and ultimately won against a stronger buyer, one with double the down payment. Our successful outcome proves two things: 1) It’s not just about the numbers. Emotions play a BIG part in deciding which buyer will win, and what the price will be, and 2) Good negotiation skills, starting with the “homework”, and continuing through all the challenges, determines the emotions of all the players. It is those emotions that really determine the outcome. In this case we effectively recruited the seller agent as our own “internal champion” , and she made sure WE won! I am as excited for this young couple as I would be for my own daughter’s success. This is a great start to what I am sure will be a great life for these two! Happy to be a part of it!


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05/29/2014 - telemtneer
Bought a Condo home in 2014 for approximately $425K in Costa Mesa, CA.
It’s good to work with a pro! Terry knows how to “slice and dice a deal” to provide each participant with what is most important to them, so that everyone is satisfied and the sale closes. I know, because he did it for me, putting together a sale for me that simply wouldn’t have flown without his expertise. I just had Terry represent me in the purchase of a Costa Mesa condo close to South Coast Plaza. It was exactly what I was looking for, and Terry and his Client Experience Manager, Lauren, and her staff, made the entire transaction pleasant & stress-free. Terry told me that his lender, Debbie, is the best he has had in his 30 years in the business. She handled the complexities in my financial situation without hesitation, providing me the quick answers I needed to be able to commit to the purchase. Part of the reason for my lack of stress was Terry’s pre-planning. Everything that I needed for evaluating the property was available to me from the very first time I saw it. Instead of the usual grab-bag of unknowns and problems I was used to when making an offer on real estate, I had a clear termite report, a home inspection report (from an architect & general contractor, no less, another of Terry’s extended team), a title report, and all of the HOA documents. What a better way to buy a home, compared to the usual process of finding out about the home defects after making my offer. Although I know Terry’s process is not standard, I had no problem quickly evaluating the home and removing virtually all contingencies except the appraisal when I signed the offer. The property I bought was covered by Hunter-Broker’s Certified Pre-Owned Property program. Similar to certified pre-owned luxury cars, he told me this property had been extensively inspected and repaired, and then covered by a 3 year home warranty and 3 year termite protection. Everything was all handled before I even saw the home, and I knew exactly what I was buying. What a refreshingly different way to avoid all the usual tacky back-and-forth about repairs! And the 3 year home warranty & termite coverage gave me peace of mind, too. Terry didn’t waste my time with a lot a phone calls and meetings. He came to my place completely prepared with an electronic version of all of the documents, ready for signing. I was able to go over everything and digitally sign the purchase contract and disclosures in an hour and 15 minutes, total (while I watched a hockey game)! All of the follow-on documents, like escrow instructions and amendments, came through him. They were digital documents that he reviewed and approved BEFORE I even saw them, and all I had to do was click on them to quickly sign and get my copies. When he said that he would review every critical document before I signed it, he really meant it. And, on top of that, he had the escrow officer put in the escrow instructions that any conflicts between our contract and the escrow instructions would be resolved in favor of the contract. So, even if an error had crept in, it still wouldn’t have changed our agreement, because of this provision in the escrow instructions. I put Terry on notice that, based on my trust in him and the extensive prep work he had done on the property, I was not going to do another home inspection. ( My friends said I should get my own, but I had confidence in Terry.) Terry told me that my trust in him was well-placed, and that he used the same thorough (“picky” was the word he used) termite inspector and home inspector for his sellers that he used for his buyers (when he was not the seller agent). He said that ALL of the inspections he oversees are to find out “what is”, and not just “what is good for his client”. In this case, Terry represented both me and the seller, but he said he always treats everyone fairly, whether they are his client or not. Well, it’s easy to talk the talk, but Terry walked the walk, too! Several items had been turned–in to the HOA for repairs. Most were done, but they declined to handle 3 of them. So, before this point, the seller thought that the HOA would handle these three items. Since the inspection report I got said that they were turned-in to the HOA, I thought they were handled, too. When they were kicked back, Terry sent me and the seller a letter saying that since we both reasonably expected these items were handled, he was going to make us both right by handling them himself, at his own expense. True to his word, he took care of everything. No fuss, no muss, no bother… Terry could have tried to “slide sideways” on this, but just simply did the right thing, in my view. All in all, I have never had such a smooth and fully orchestrated real estate experience. I am impressed, and I highly recommend Terry, Hunter-Broker, and his internal and external staff. It is, as he says, a total a totally different way to buy real estate. If you want a low-stress, low-hassle way to buy a home, talk to Terry! -Larry
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03/25/2014 - ccstew1
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $500K in Orange, CA.
YAYYY!! The day has finally come!! We found a home that we are lucky enough to call OURS :]

Our new home comes well-equipped with GREAT neighbors :] In fact, one of the reasons we beat-out the other buyers was the help we got from our new next-door neighbor. Terry introduced us to him, and we talked for 15 minutes or so, really getting to know each other. As we were leaving, Terry asked him to call the out-of-town owner as soon as the neighbor went back inside. He asked him to tell the seller, a friend of his, that WE were the neighbors that he wanted next door. It turns out that many of the neighbors have lived there for years and years, and the seller was sensitive to what his friends and former neighbors wanted. Terry figured this out by getting there a little early and talking to other neighbors on the street before we even saw the home for the first time. He KNEW what the neighbors said to the seller would make a big difference for us. Wow… talk about “going the extra mile”…

Looking for the right home is fun, but definitely emotionally draining, too (especially when other buyers keep getting the homes we are making offers on). BUT, Terry (along with Lauren, his friendly Client Experience Manager), kept us on the right track, and assured us that there was a perfect home somewhere out there, just waiting for us :] They knew how to make our first home buying experience fun and exciting by constantly keeping in touch, pin-pointing the best house on the market for us and doing it FAST, too!

Terry’s negotiating expertise was masterful! Instead of focusing directly on our small down payment (which might have allowed other buyers with a bigger down to win-out over us), and the fact we needed to use FHA financing (which sellers and listing agents don’t like at all), he came up with a totally different angle, one that he said he had never used before, and never even heard of in all his 30 years in the business. He put the pieces of our situation puzzle together to make a unique presentation to the seller that won for US, despite our low down payment and our FHA financing.

How he put this together was amazing… Terry knew that we didn’t need an appraiser to tell us the home was a good buy (by this time we REALLY knew the market). With the FHA financing, Terry reasoned that we only needed 3.5% down, and we were putting down about triple that anyway, trying to get the best loan rates and to keep our payment down. Most agents would have told the listing agent that, yes we were (unfortunately) using FHA financing, but we had a bigger down payment than usual for a FHA loan. The predictable listing agent/seller response to such a weak presentation would have been, as Terry described it to us…”Well, yippee for you … wonder if there are any other non-FHA buyers out there…?” not a very powerful response from, while meanwhile, other buyers were breathing down our neck, struggling to get the home for themselves

So Terry told the listing agent that we would accept an appraisal up to $40,000 LESS than our purchase price just like it was a full-price appraisal (and not $40,000 less than full price)! And, in this market, that was POWERFUL, because sellers and listing agents worry big-time about low appraisals (and Terry knew this, of course).

It’s kind of complicated to explain, but the bottom line is that, because of our bigger-than-normal down payment for our FHA loan, we would get our loan even if the appraisal did come in that much lower, and getting the loan was our only concern with the appraisal. Complicated or not, though, it got the seller’s attention. He told us that if we put that in writing, we would have the home! So we did put it in writing, and we got our dream home because of Terry’s inventive way of describing what was just an FHA loan with a bigger down payment than usual. It really DOES make a difference who represents you when you’re buying a home!

We couldn’t even imagine what it would be like working with an agent other than Terry, which would also mean an agent with no Lauren! It is amazing the connections and friendships you can make with people who really empower you to settle for NOTHING less than what you really want, and what you deserve.

The last thing I want to cover before finishing up is the buyer cash back. Who would have thought that, after everything Terry did for us, that he would also provide us with cash through escrow to pay for our escrow costs, title fee, and all the other small (and not so small) annoying fees that you didn’t even know you had?

We are so excited about beginning the transformation on our new home, and are proud to say that we got to work with Terry and Lauren. No one we know who is buying, selling, or THINKING of buying or selling, will get past us without going through Hunter-Broker! Seriously, people, come check them out yourself and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

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03/11/2014 - randyj3
Bought a home in 2014.
My good friends, who had just recently moved, mentioned that their move went extremely well with the agent they selected. When it came time for me to move, I found a perfect home for me through what I could see on the internet, so naturally I called the agent that had helped my friends!

The speedy response was astonishing- in a couple hours we were already at the property. We looked at the place and WOW! It was in perfect condition and ready for me to move in! After telling Terry that this was exactly what I wanted, I was surprised that he did not suggest that I make a full-price offer.. Even though I know that this is an extreme seller’s market that would have multiple offers already! In fact, he suggested an offer that I had thought was way too low, but he explained that since we were moving so quickly, that even if the Seller’s were offended by our offer, we could probably come back with a higher offer to fix it! I really wanted the place though so I was a little afraid to make such a low offer. Even though I had my doubts Terry assured me that we could patch it back up one way or another. So, he made the way-under-asking-price offer, and got an almost immediate response where the Seller dropped the price to the halfway point between what they were asking and we were offering- YES!!! Talk about thousands of dollars of easy money! After the Seller Agent’s response, Terry told me okay.. well this isn’t necessarily the end of the trail. We have a choice now- but I had to make the choice myself! Terry told me that the other agent had said that this was as low as the seller could go, and still have enough money to close escrow without having to write a check himself to sell his own house! Terry also mentioned that we couldn’t be sure whether that was really true or not.. But we looked at the loan that was on the property, and certainly could be true. Terry told me that it was up to me- either accept this and nail down my new home or try to play mind games to save a thousand dollars or two. I thought about it and realized I just want the place. This is a good enough price and right in line with the price that my friends paid for their house! I wanted this! I wanted to get my new home and go back to my job. So I decided to just accept their counter-offer.

However, one thing was a little troubling- part of the counter back of the low price was that they wanted us to remove contingencies in 7 days. I don’t know much about buying houses, because this was my first time, so 7 days seemed like a very short time period. Terry assured me that his lender Debbie really could move that quickly and get us an appraisal FAST, which was my major concern because I didn’t understand how we would get the appraisal in time to meet the 7 day dead line! Sure enough, it was one day later that the appraiser had already called the other agent asking for an appointment to see the property! At this point, terry explained that we “had the deal” and that it was totally up to us to close or not close, so we decided to get aggressive and pick up any more loose change that may be lying on the table. We then put together a request for repairs and sent it over with a big list of little minor things that showed up on the home inspection- which by the way I didn’t even have to attend! Terry’s Client Experience Manager Lauren planned the entire thing out for me with the agent and other inspectors so that we could make this process as speedy as possible! Terry had prepared the other agent for the repair request that we were sending over and suggested that they could give us money rather than do the repairs that we asked for…so that’s what they did, and we accepted it. Terry told me that the Seller’s were not obligated to do anything. In fact, they weren’t even obligated to answer our request. But because of the way that Terry negotiated, they gave us TWICE as much as what they originally offered us!

It is amazing to me that this whole process took two days to get the property in escrow- and was going to close escrow in 20 days! That’s only 22 days to buy a house. I had no idea that the process could be made this easy, just by choosing the right agent. Throughout the whole process Terry Hunter’s Client Experience manager kept me and my father up to date and always in the loop. Terry also checked every critical document before it was sent over to me for my electronic signature. I thought this would be a drawn out process with many set backs but instead, I told him what house I wanted, and we got it! I went from being a renter to a homeowner faster than I ever imagined. It really does matter who you work with. My friends were right, and suggested Terry Hunter-which was the right way to go! Even after negotiating this low price and big credit for repairs, I got thousands of dollars in buyer’s cash back! It is totally unbelievable and mind-blowing, and now I am a homeowner.
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09/05/2013 - user88327341
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 in Anaheim Hills, Anaheim, CA.
We just sold the home that Terry helped us buy only 2 years ago for $130,000 more than our combined purchase price & kitchen remodel! He did a great job on our purchase (protecting us from $10,000 in hidden termite problems in the process), and he just helped us make a significant profit on the way out. Wow, are we pleased!

And it's not just the price... the entire experience was totally designed from the beginning to produce top dollar, without hassle for us. An entire month of Sat/Sun open houses was planned, with showings limited to the open houses. This way, we would not have to put up with people wanting to see our home at random times. As it turned out, despite our very aggressive pricing, we had an offer during the 2nd open house, while we were in Hawaii. This was quickly followed by an offer from another interested party. Terry was able to use the first offer to encourage the second buyers to quickly make their offer and to negotiate a new price with them for $10,000 more than the previous one (well over our asking price and the market). They closed about 2 weeks ago, and we are renting back, getting ready to make our move out of state.

Terry is a joy to work with, being personally available virtually every time we called, whether weekday or weekend, day or night. He is inventive, too. Based on Terry's inspection and input, we needed a couple of weeks to get some handyman spiffing-up done before putting our home on the market. However, the local MLS counts every day after the marketing agreement is signed as "days on the market". In our case, this would have meant that our home would show about 2 weeks on the market on the very first day of market exposure in the MLS, which Terry said would be to our disadvantage. To avoid this, Terry waited on the final paperwork until the day we put our home in the MLS to "cash-in" on the excitement of a newly available home. And "cash-in" we did!

He kept us up-to-the-minute throughout the entire transaction, BCC'ing us on all of his emails, and briefing us on his phone calls. Although we were completely confident in Terry's handling of the transaction (having worked with him before), we appreciated being included in the process. The process was dramatically simplified by Terry's arranging to have everything needed to close BEFORE we went on the market. Incredibly, he said that most agents wait until a buyer appears to get the termite report, HOA docs, etc. Terry's approach is being ready to close before the MLS. We like his approach, especially given the higher price he got for us, partly because the buyers already knew the condition of the roof, the home in general, and termite work to be done.

Since we were buyers ourselves just 2 years ago, we knew what Terry was talking about when he said that it is buyers, and not agents, who determine which homes buyers will see. Terry's photography is outstanding, and the 4 page brochure he prepared really showed the home's main characteristics (1-story on a large, elevated lot). Likewise, the two! virtual tours he put on line showed our home in its best light, while maximizing the on line visibility of our home.

So there you have it! Proper preparation, good marketing, and great negotiation... the special ingredients that got us an over-the-top price for our home. Who could ask for anything more? We tell all our friends to work with Terry, and you should, too!

Happy Anaheim Sellers,

Darin & Jamie
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08/28/2013 - user2985865
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $775K in Mission Viejo, CA.
When our sale to our tenant fell through, we needed a "Plan B" to get our Stoneridge (Mission Viejo) home sold. We had bought near the top of the market, and so we knew we weren't going to get all of our money back. Nevertheless, we still needed to get it sold despite the current market, so we could buy another home in Tucson. Terry provided us our "Plan B", ultimately getting us a price $50,000 over our current appraisal!

Our situation was complicated by a tenant who didn't want people viewing the home, Our rental agreement didn't allow for showing the home, so an agreement was made to show weekend open houses, during which she stayed in the master bedroom, Which was a slight discouragement for buyers and agents alike with a viewing. Additionally, the agreement stretched out the sale escrow to 60 days, which complicated locking the buyer's interest on his loan.

Our buyer was a first time buyer who was very detailed oriented (quite terrified by the whole process, actually). More than that, although he had good credit, his income just barely qualified him to buy at current interest rates (and the rates looked to be going up at the time). Consequently, Terry totally re-wrote the sales contract prepared by the buyer's agent to include the requirement that the buyer be approved all the way through underwriting by Terry's preferred lender, and that the buyer lock the interest rate with Terry's lender. That his lender team member would do this is a strong testament to the quality of the team that Terry has assembled. She had to lock for 60 days (which cost her company more than locking for 15 or 30 days, resulting in a higher quote), while the other lender, a friend of the buyer that he wanted to use, could "play the market" and then lock for just 15 days (thus avoiding the costs of a 60 day lock). So, the other lender could be much more competitive. This meant that Terry's lender did not expect to make the loan at all (and thus not earn any commission). Nevertheless, to support Terry and to guarantee our sale, she ran the loan all the way through underwriting, and then locked the loan for 60 days to be sure our sale closed with this buyer. She was quite certain that the other lender would ultimately be able to quote a lower rate, but she "bit the bullet for the team" anyway.

Fortunately, we were taking advantage of Terry's Certified Pre-Owned Home program, so we already had a Home Inspection and a Termite Report. The proposal that the buyer's agent wrote had the usual wide-open opportunity for the buyer to walk away from the sale. So, in the process of rewriting the offer, Terry also made it clear that the buyer could only cancel for very major property problems (which we already knew didn't exist because of the Home Inspection & Termite reports). Since the tenant would not let any other buyers in, it was important that this sale to our sole buyer not fall apart. Terry did a great job of writing the replacement agreement, and then getting the agent to have her buyer sign it without modification.

In the end, our sale closed as planned, and at the above-appraisal price, despite our tenant, and despite a rise in interest rates that would have disqualified our buyer if Terry had not insisted that he lock the rate with his preferred lender. Because of the interest rate lock, the rise in interest rates did not blow our sale apart (and Terry's lender made the loan, after all, because the other lender had not locked the rates he quoted to the buyer).

Before this sale, we had always thought one real estate agent was about the same as another. Now we know better! Without Terry's experience and negotiating expertise, this sale would never have closed. We have never heard of a seller's agent totally rewriting the offer prepared by the buyer's agent, and then getting them to sign it without changes, along with insisting that the buyer qualify through a different lender than the buyer wanted to use. We're impressed, and recommend Terry to anyone who wants to deal in real estate, whether buying or selling. Although he only handled this one sale for us, we definitely would want him on our side as a buyer, too. You will be happy you have him on your side, too!

Happy Stoneridge seller John & Karen
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Response from Terry on 08/29/2013
I enjoy working with sophisticated clients like these sellers! They were experienced enough to understand the situation, and to realize what we accomplished under difficult conditions. With the market cooling and rates rising, I knew we needed to keep our buyer "in the saddle" because of the difficulty of showing the home to other buyers (who were disappearing to some degree as the market cooled, in any case). Even a 1/4% increase in interest rates would have blown our buyer out, so we needed underwriter approval and a reliable "lock" on the loan rate & terms to be confident that the lender would make the loan. Fortunately, I was able to convince the buyer agent to "go along to get along", and we successfully closed.


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08/28/2013 - user0900350
Bought a Single Family home in 2010 in Rsm, CA.
Terry helped us buy a home in 23 days he also helped stay in her home during bad times and also got her $10,000 travelling money from the bank we are very pleased with his efforts he goes above and beyond
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Response from Terry on 08/29/2013
I LOVE it when I can help clients AND their children! After getting an absolute KILLER buy for the parents (a short sale, one of my areas of expertise), they asked if I could help their daughter, who had just fired their last real estate agent. Despite everyone telling me it was totally impossible to get the bank to give her any money from the 2nd lender in a short sale, I got it for her from the bank anyway. She needed it, I resolved to get it, and the bank finally caved-in and gave it to her! Problem solved!


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08/26/2013 - user97595600
Bought a home in 2011.
We have known Terry for more than ten years and used him as our agent for purchasing two houses. He is, by far, the best real estate agent we have ever met. He helped walk us through every step of the purchase process. He worked so tirelessly and responsed very fast to whatever we asked for. He is very good at using the latest technology to communicate. He is a greate negotiator to get the best deal for his client. We are very lucky to have him as our agent. David & Chien
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Response from Terry on 08/29/2013
I get as excited about my clients' success as my own! David & Chien are happy because my persistence and negotiation training paid off in getting the home for much less than we were willing to pay, and charming the short-selling seller (who really didn't want to be bothered showing the home) to let us in, even though she was not letting others in. GREAT buy for my clients in the end... very exciting for all of us!


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08/26/2013 - user0343283
Bought a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $475K in Trabuco Canyon, CA.
Terry Hunter helped my wife and I purchase our first home.

This was no easy task (we are a handful to deal with!) and took us over 18 months. Terry was patient and helpful along the way, educating us and always looking out for our best interests. He ended getting us a deal that was a good 10% under market in our dream neighborhood. I cannot express how truly great an agent/broker Terry is. We will always use and recommend him for real estate transactions of any kind! Terry is the best!
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Response from Terry on 08/27/2013
I am deeply grateful for all the friends who needed a trustworthy agent that this couple has introduced me to. And it was fun working with them to outfox the bank and get a great buy for them!


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08/26/2013 - user2556652
Bought a home in 2011.
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Thanks Terry for helping my sister and me buy a home for our mom. Terry is the go to man.I have used Terry before so it was a no brainer when we need to buy a house for our mom.
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