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Hi my name is Kevin Walker and i wanted to kno how do i go about getting a loan for my first home


I assume you have a relationship with a bank, why not start with them first and get prequalified.  Also, I would look to work with someone who is local there where you are purchasing your home.  They will have knowledge on the area properties as well as your Realtor.  Try to use a mortgage bank as opposed to a mortgage broker.  Many sellers & banks specifically request that you not use a mortgage broker (they want to see a letter from a direct lender) due to the tough mortgage climate.Good luck with things!

Can anyone recommend a good property attorney in Charlotte NC?


Here are a couple of good choices:Jaime Kosofsky, (704)849.8008 - if you are specializing in a bank foreclosure or a short sale.  He knows his stuff!Anne Coley , The Bain Group, (704)717.9483 - real estate with a little of everything.

Take advantage of a buyers market


I sell in the Charlotte, NC market and specialize in northern Mecklenburg County.   I definitely feel this is a great time to take advantage of this buyer's market.  There are some very good deals out there.  Yes, prices may continue to drop some, and a lot depends on the neighborhood, etc.  You've got some outstanding interest rates that we may not see next year or in the future.  You have to take it all into consideration.

Does the weather effect your motivation to visit open houses?


Yes, I believe that the weather does effect a buyer's motivation to get out and visit open houses.  We've had an extremely hot summer in the Charlotte, NC area and people have tended to stay indoors.  I am already seeing some improvement in the buyers out looking again since the weather is more tolerable.   Having an open house this weekend so hope my words ring true!