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Susan Horak wrote:

I bought a house about 2 yrs ago and hate my commute. I want to sell but do not want to make a mist

Do your research! Look up Realtors in your community through the major real estate companies in your area but the next step is the most important. Google the agent's name. The agent that comes up with 80% or more of the links on Google's front page as about their real estate practice is going to be the one that sells your home. THEN select one of their properties they have listed and Google that.  If the first page of Google populates with tons of links about that home across several platforms (youtube, facebook, trulia, zillow, ect.) then you know their marketing is solid. We all know home buyers across the board are starting their search online these days so you need an agent that can market your home effectively. By looking for an agent in this manor you are looking for your home town 'big shots'. The agents that sell, sell, sell as opposed to the agent that has sold a couple of their friends houses over the years. The big name agents will be able to price your home right and get you the most for your property because when they run their CMAs they have been in most of the homes on the list because their sellers have sold their homes and are now buyers. Real Estate is one of the few businesses where quantity means quality.
May 15 2012