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11/18/2014 - biltmorehome4sale
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $400K in Beverly Woods, Charlotte, NC.

As a fairly inexperienced home buyer, I could not have asked for more from a realtor. Sylvia guided me effortlessly through the entire process. She was proactive when necessary, answered all questions and concerns in a patient and timely manner, and brought the entire process to a satisfactory conclusion without any difficulties. Her level of professionalism and expertise was both comforting and impressive. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking at buying or selling a home in the Charlotte area.

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06/13/2014 - myoder888
Bought a home in 2014.

What a helpful, friendly and well-informed realtor! We were blessed to have found Sylvia. She has introduced us to so many lovely neighborhoods in Charlotte, most of which we would never have found on our own. We especially appreciate her cheerfulness and the fact that she responds to questions immediately. We love her. You will too. We have given her 5 stars. If we could, we would give her 10 but Zillow limits the star rating to 5.

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10/11/2013 - lindachiang
Sold a home in 2012 in Carmel, Charlotte, NC 28226.

We had excellent experience with Sylvia. Very good agent. She very respecfull of my family during whole procedure of selling my home. We had listed with other agent who did not sell. Sylvia stage very pretty and sell right away. We use again and refer to friends.

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09/21/2013 - Bruce & Barb Robinson
Bought a home in 2013 in Starmount Forest, Charlotte, NC 28210.

We had never worked with a realtor to find a home and Sylvia has spoiled us! We moved from Virginia to North Carolina and didn't know where to turn. She was recommended by an acquaintance. We hit the jackpot! From the first contact, she listened to what we said and what our priorities were (even when our list was rearranged as time went along). We really like her as a person and there are so many things that we appreciate about her, professionally, as well. If she says it then she follows through with it. You never have to wonder about an answer to your question because she's great at communicating. If she doesn't know the answer at the moment she will research it for you. She has great advice for every situation and thought of things that we would never have known to consider. She is patient - in all of the time we spent in properties looking and measuring, we never one time felt rushed. She kept us informed of new listings that came on the market that fit our needs. And when we found the place that we really loved she played "devil's advocate" and asked us many questions to consider...she gave us her input and then let us make the decision. She sat for hours with us while we put contracts on places and she acted on our behalf with the seller. She (and her husband as well) were very helpful in acquainting us with our new city. She is truly a Godsend to us and we couldn't be more pleased!

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04/09/2013 - joshualm
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $100K in Waxhaw, NC.

Sylvia did an excellent job helping us sell a rental home. The home was in a challenging area but also the economic conditions made it seem uncertain that it would sell. Through the tough winter selling season Sylvia was always very upfront and honest with me that it may not sell in the timeframe I was hoping. However, she did do an excellent job establishing a good price point and the home had a very high level of showings. I was novice at selling and she walked me patiently through each process from listing to negotiating to closing. She got it sold!!!!

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01/27/2013 - user3301383
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $200K in Collingwood, Charlotte, NC.

Sylvia re-listed a house we were selling that had languished on the market with another Realtor for almost a year. She made recommendations of things we should do to the house to better market it, she staged the house, recommended the right price-point and the house sold in two days with multiple offers. When that deal fell apart due to unknown repairs needed, which revealed themselves in the inspection, Sylvia helped ensure we had appropriately addressed every line item on the inspection report and then re-sold the house. The unexpected hiccups in the process may have waned the enthusiasm of some Realtors, but Sylvia was patient during the repair process and seemed like a real partner with us in getting the house sold.

Her responsiveness is excellent. She will promptly return to a call at 8am or 10pm alike, any day of the week. She is unafraid of giving her opinion and guiding a seller through the realities of the marketplace in order to get the job done.

When she took a vacation abroad she encouraged us to be in contact as if she was local without hesitation, a true testament to her dedication to great service and her empathy to a seller during the stressful process of selling a home in a difficult market.

Sylvia is truly a professional and gets the job done. I recommend her enthusiastically and emphatically.

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01/03/2013 - user4812366
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $925K in Rain Tree, Charlotte, NC.

Sylvia is EXCELLENT! She really paid attention to our needs/wants and made our home buying experience very easy. She was available whenever we needed her to ensure our counteroffers of price and other items were delievered to sellers immediately so we were able to have a quick and smooth turnaround. Sylvia is responsive at all times, even when on vacation and during evening hours. She was very knowledgable about which inspections to do and which to forego initially. This was our first big home purchase and Sylvia was great during the entire process. We are so glad we had picked her as our realtor!

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12/07/2012 - user7860388
Showed home in 2012 in Carmel, Charlotte, NC 28226.

This is a WOW realtor! I wouldn't even consider using anyone else. She has superior knowledge of the marketplace, which will save you tons of time. Her financial statistics are painstakingly done and very accurate so you know as a buyer you will not be overpaying for a property. She has introduced us to so many neighborhoods we were previously unaware of, and is always gracious enough to "run the numbers" for us. Buying a home is the biggest investment someone ever makes in their life, and it is so important to have a knowledgeable realtor in your court, not just one who takes her commission and "runs." We are in the final process of deciding between two homes, one of which we will purchase now that we are armed with important information about them. Sylvia is also very friendly and easy to work with. She returns calls right away and is the most pleasant realtor we have ever worked with. It's obvious she really enjoys working with people.

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12/04/2012 - user0477078
Bought a home in 2012 in Providence Plantation, Charlotte, NC 28270.

Sylvia is very knowledgeable and conscientious. She is honest and direct and provided us with all the information we needed, and some that we didn't know we needed. She responded to any concerns very quickly and advocated for us with our builder and builder's agent to get our needs met. We always felt she was on OUR side and looking out for us. She helped make the process go very smoothly. I highly recommend Sylvia!!!

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09/08/2012 - user56868452
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $1.375M in Charlotte, NC.

I recently signed up for a new home purchase with a builder, which I found by myself and Sylvia Becker offered to be my realtor promising a lot of benefits (such as price negotiation, contract review, checking the building progress, interior selction at the design center, co-ordinating meetings with the builder, checking the quality of the build etc) when I am busy with my work and having a happy time with my family while the house is being built. I trusted her and signed her up on the day I signed a contract to build a new home.

Well, most of the promises never materialized and I had to most of the ground work and kept her in the loop. Some of the issues that I faced with her are as follows,

1) Lack of promptness and attention to customer concerns - late in her replies and lack of continuity in her responses. Felt like she was sitting in her high horse.

2) No show at Pre-drywall meeting (an important phase in the construction). Never even bothers to reschedule or follow-up to make sure if things went alright..

3) Suggests an independent inspection, gets the inspectors report, but never followed up with the builder to see if the issues were addressed..

4) I am yet to close on the house and to my knowledge, she has been to the plot only twice (and I had to force her to go there during one of the instances to provide me a feedback on the construction). I didn't see her visiting the site once in a while to check on how things are..

However, there is one positive that I would like to highlight with her service, which is that she did suggest some interior options at the builder design center.

I highlighted all my concerns to her boss (@ ReMax) mentioning that I wasn't happy with her overall service and one of the options that I put on the table was to terminate the buyer-realtor agreement. The only feedback that I got is she met all the expectations for a realtor in my situation and she deserves a payment for her (lack of) services due to "Procurement Cause". I told him I wasn't happy with his reply and terminated her service through an email highlighting code of Realtor ethics that were violated and other pertinent facts. I am also in the process of registering my displeasure with North Carolina Real Estate Commission because of the false promises made by Ms. Sylvia Becker & ReMax on the services.

Customers, beware of this realtor before signing up. I see mostly positive reviews in this site, which was one of the drivers that made me accept her offer to be my realtor. She is definitely "not good" if you are building a new home through a builder. My experience is she is not a hard bargainer and just rides the wave along with the seller. During the contract signing process I felt she was representing the seller more than I. She didn't really go through the entire contract before hand to tell if there were any adverse items that I as a buyer need to be concerned about, didn't do her research on the recent sales in that area that would have definitely helped me with the price negotiation.

Please help yourself by hiring some one who has better knowledge, negotiation skills and being prompt. Based on my experience, there was no outstanding value brought by her. This makes me think I should probably pass the Realtor exam and start making some easy money!

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