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Is it common for a buyer's broker to charge the buyer a flat fee at time of closing?


My first question to you would be have you signed this agreement yet?  There are many different ways to look at Buyer Representation Agreements. Our team does not charge the Buyer, but rather accept's 50% of the Seller's commission offered on MLS.  We also do not charge our Buyers any additional fees.  There are some agents and brokers who do charge fees to compensate for their time, even if the Buyer never purchases a home.  They feel that their time is valuable, just like any other employee going to work for so many hours, and thus they charge some sort of fee.  As to the flat fee charged at closing, I'm not aware of anyone in our office who charge Buyers anything.  Keep in mind, all contracts are negotiable, and if you feel that this is something you are not comfortable with, I would question your agent (broker) about it before signing.  As far as the 3% to the Buyer's Broker, we accept half of the Selling Broker's commission offered, or whatever is offered to the purchasing agent (sometimes it is less than 50% of the commission).