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TR Swanwick wrote:

How do I list my house on Zillow?

Per you request I may be able to assist with confirmation on pricing, recommendations on preparation, timing, etc. Also have clients looking in East Boulder in different price ranges - please let me know and good luck!
July 08 2013

Adding value but how much?

First of all, county assessed value has nothing to the market value. I wouldn't call the county for reassessment unless it's required to have a permit (flooring most likely not) there. Taxes would (probably) go up with reassessment and that's no fun. I agree with all the other answers. Wood floors are an upgrade. It will make your place more desirable/marketable, but not increase in value. The more bang for the buck- usually the faster it will sell - which could get the property closer to list price. This is the best way value will be created. Make sure it's priced right!
January 26 2012
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