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Listing on Zillow through Postlets--FOR FREE!!!!!


Another free way of posting is Vflyer, which honestly has much better flyer templates, better syndication and allows for more least on the free version. 

how would I have an idea of what my house would appraise for


Contact a local realtor in your area and have them pull all the comparable market data within your subdivision, town, county, whatever applies.  You can use a search engine like Google to find a qualified professional or perhaps get the opinion of a few different agents.  This will save you some time and certainly money.  Best wishes. 

Your Zestimate - 3939 Saddle Road - South Lake Tahoe, CA


David,The problem is that Zillow is not going to see or respond to your post.  It's really just going out to this broad forum and you'll probably get answers from realtors like me.  Zestimates can be very frustrating, because they don't take into consideration particular nuances of a property.  For example, a house sells that is completely stripped inside.....does Zillow know that?  No and therefore the low, low price per sqft is all that is recorded into the system and thus all the values around that property fall as well.  I can't tell you how many buyers come up from the SF Bay area after reviewing values on Zillow and have a skewed impression of our market.  The best thing that we can do as agents is to educate them properly with valid comps and statistics.  9 times out of 10 they completely understand and start to ask you, the professional, what the real value of a property is.  Hope this helps! 

I need to remove my personal address "Unit A" from my duplex properties STREET ADDRESS listing.


I'm sorry that I don't have a huge amount of information for you on this question, but I suggest that you contact Zillow directly to try and change the information internally.  While Zillow is a great tool for the average consumer, serious buyers are typically contacting a local agent to get accurate tax data and/or review selected comps.  Zillow is just a basic reference tool, but usually cannot decipher all of the "details" of a particular property.  Best Wishes! 

it seems like the 'zestimate' is the amount i refinanced not what the home is worth


I've never had someone contest the value of a property with Zillow, but I'm sure you could.  I guess my question would be, are you concerned about it?  Are you looking to sell soon?  I like Zillow, but a savvy consumer has to recognize that a lot of values are skewed on Zillow, because they can't take into consideration all the little details of sales data like an appraiser would.  Buyers tend to use Zillow as ammunition for low ball offers, and it's just unfortunate that they don't know any better.  Your value is going to continue to adjust up and down, but you can go into your account on your property and make little tweaks to raise the value.  It just depends on how important it is to you. 

What is your biggest pet peeve of Real Estate Agents?


I've always been under the mind set that you need to know what you're selling.  My roots are in the building industry and I only became a Realtor, because I was tired of those that had been representing the houses that I built that had no idea what I put into them.  I would sit and listen to prospective buyers ask their agents questions about the home's construction, materials, etc and the agent either didn't know or made something up to sound as if they did.  It blew my mind.  Who would you trust to recommend buying a car?  To me, I'd ask my mechanic!  I suggest getting to know construction from the ground up, materials, prices, contractors, etc.  If you're spot on with the Q&A while walking a home with a prospective buyer, they're instantly impressed.  What's so special about the materials used on these cabinets?  Where did this flooring come from; is it real wood, laminate, what?  What kind of wood is that on the ceiling?  Are those beams supporting the roof or are they fake?  Who built this house?  Are they reputable?  Does this house have an efficient heating system?  You get the point.  Know what you're selling and your confidence will go through the roof!